Fake Rotisserie Chicken

Total Time
8hrs 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 8 hrs

This is so easy to prepare - and it tastes so good!

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  1. Spray large crockpot with non-stick spray.
  2. Form six pieces of aluminum foil into balls the size of a golf-ball and place in the pot.
  3. Rinse the chicken thoroughly inside and out.
  4. Rub your favorite seasonings both inside and out.
  5. (I usually include a little soy for color.) Poke holes in the lemon and insert it in the cavity.
  6. Insert the onion in the cavity.
  7. Place the chicken on top of the foil.
  8. Add nothing else.
  9. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours.


Most Helpful

Wonderful. Perfectly wonderful. I have made whole chickens in my crockpot before, and they taste great, but this is so much better. I think it is because the bird doesn't "stew" in its own juices since it is raised up by the foil. Before, the meat would fall off the bone, and the bones would actually break apart making taking it out of the pot a bit of a challange. But with this recipe, it held together, and I was able to CUT the meat! It was like thanksgiving! I placed the onion in the cavity, and also put some slices under the skin, and for spices I used rosemary, tarragon, paprika and garlic salt. It was perfect!!! Thanks so much for sharing! BTW, my mom was visiting last night when we had this, she had never thought of cooking chicken this way. She was talking this morning about how she could cook 2 birds in her huge crockpot this way and freeze one of them. You made her a believer too!

~Bekah~ September 02, 2003

This is truly wonderful. I used sage, rosemary, garlic powder and even a little lemon pepper and it really did taste like rotisserie chicken. I also used a little soy sauce like you recommended and it was so tasty. One of the best things about this dish is all the delicious broth left over that you can use for soups. My husband came home from work and when he came in the house his first word was "yum" due to the wonderful smell coming from the crockpot. Thanks for posting CCLady!

Babs in Toyland November 17, 2003

This made a delicious and easy chicken dinner. I don't think it truly compares to a rotisserie chicken in texture but it did hold its shape well enough to be sliced at the table. I used only onion because I am cooking for fussy teenage boys who are suspicious of anything "green" but it was still very tasty. No leftovers!!

mamatrish smith October 28, 2003

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