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This is the first time I've ever seen anyone other than my family use this recipe. Most people look at us like we're nuts when we serve orange potato salad. lol But they never fail to ask for the recipe once they try it. It's the only way we eat it. The only difference in our recipe is we use miracle whip rather than he Helmann's, add a tad bit of sugar to the dressing, and we add some chopped dill pickles. This stuff rocks. More people should give it a shot.

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clowneygirl March 02, 2008

Wonderful potato salad, a very nice change from mayo only based salad's. I used 10 potatoes but cooked them a little to much. When pierced with a fork they broke apart and I had a bit of mushiness when I put this together. I used onion powder instead of chopped onions and did add more mayonnaise. Sprinkled with paprika when finished and chilled in the refrigerator. We loved the sweet flavor from the Western salad dressing along with the mayonnaise. Thank you Jan for sharing Lori's recipe with us!

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lauralie41 October 30, 2006
Faith58's Potato Salad