"fail Proof" Flour Tortillas

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Recipe by good2bdunn

I struggled a lot with tortillas that tasted like paste or turned into hockey pucks until I found this fail proof recipe. These tortillas are easy and delicious!

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  1. Mix together dry ingredients.
  2. Cut in shortening.
  3. Stir in two cups very hot water.
  4. On a floured surface, knead the dough for about 2 minutes.
  5. Place in a bowl, cover with a dish towel, and let sit for 30 minutes.
  6. Knead dough and form into balls.
  7. Roll them out as thin and round as possible.
  8. Preheat a griddle or cast-iron skillet.
  9. Slather the skillet with butter -- (yes, I see other people recommend an ungreased baking surface but I like to slather mine with butter).
  10. Cook tortillas one at a time, flipping when a bubble forms.
  11. I then like to slather the cooked tortillas with additional butter because it makes them taste yummy.

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