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All I can add is WOW. This is my first taste of penne vodka and now I can't even imagine ordering it in a restaurant. I picked the recipe but asked my husband to cook it one night after work, thinking it was a quick dinner. It took him a long time and we had a good joke over that.......the first night we ate this, we both went on and one about how good it was. For leftovers, we put this in a dish and topped with parmesan cheese. He then baked it and it was just as fabulous as it was the first night. For two people, this could be three dinners! I can't wait to make this for company. Thank you so much for posting.

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Michelle Figueroa December 31, 2010

Absolutely perfect!!!!!!!! This is hands down the number 1 Alla Vodka recipe there is! We have a restaurant on Long Island in NY called Cirella's and it is the only place that can compare. There is no restaurant that can touch Cirella's so the fact that this recipe is on the same level is really saying something!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOP NOTCH AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE RECIPE!!

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PatchesNY October 29, 2011

This recipe is FABULOUS. I made it both w/ fresh basil and dried and of course, fresh is best, but dried was good too. Only change I made is using tomato sauce instead of crushed, only because I would then have to deseed it because a family member can't have seeds. I made 1 1/2 times the red sauce and added all of the white sauce and it was just delicious. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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MUFFYW April 28, 2010

This was restaurant quality for sure! Made as written except only sautéed mushrooms in 2 T of butter, and used only 2 C of whip cream, we didn't miss the extra fat a bit! Tasted so rich and flavorful. I hadn't had vodka in pasta before and the alcohol flavor completely cooked off. Thank you, we will be making this again.

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bubbleyumm82 April 21, 2016

This recipe is awesome! I added chicken to my penne a la vodka and it came out Absolutely delicious! My hubby felt like we were eating restaurant grade pasta! DELICIOUS!

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tamarams June 18, 2015

I have made this recipe several times. Every time it's incredible. My family LOVES it. I make it adding 1 lb of bacon, cut into small pieces and browned with the onion until very crispy. I use the white wine, because that's usually readily available. I've substituted chicken cut into small pieces, when I didn't have mushrooms. I've used fat free half and half and have also used heavy cream, but always only one cup. This is the very best penne a la vodka sauce I've ever had. It's perfect as written, and it's perfect with individual changes (as the stocked or un-stocked kitchen demands). My go-to recipe.

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Rosemarie C. January 06, 2015

Really good! The only change I made was to add a sprinkle of sugar to the final sauce to cut the acidity of the tomato flavor. Perfection!

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Liz in NJ October 08, 2014

YUMMY TO THE TUMMY!!!! Short disclaimer; I realize I am supposed to review the recipe based upon making it the way it is listed....but I couldn't quite do it. We did LOVE LOVE LOVE this though!! To begin with, I sauteed a pound of ground beef first, to add to the mix which was to simmer for an hour. Then, based on other reviews, I only added 2 cups of cream (which, due to pantry limitations, consisted of a combination of 1% milk, half and half, and creme fraiche). I used fresh basil as recommended by one reviewer. Also, we don't care for mushrooms, so left them out. In place of that I sauteed a tablespoon of fresh garlic and some thinly sliced and diced ham (next time will use pancetta), then added the vodka to that mix. Followed all other instructions to a T for many mouthfuls of total yumminess and happiness :) It really does taste as if it were made in a good Italian restaurant, quality was amazing! Now I fully understand why the vodka penne I so adore from certain restaurants is so, so unhealthy for you!! I never knew to coat the noodles with butter and parmesan...mmmmmm definitely decadent, and probably just one of the reasons mine has never (until now) tasted like its from a restaurant. Thank you for sharing!

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Blue Skies July 09, 2014

Is 3 cups of heavy cream a typo? <br/>Oh boy I really wanted to like this recipe but with 3 cups of heavy cream it was a soupy like mess. I had to add a cup of Parmesan cheese to thicken it. Where did I go wrong? Sorry, I wish things were different.

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ginamarienj71 May 12, 2014

Delicious. I use chopped tomatoes as I prefer the sauce to be chunkier. Also use 11/2-2 cups of 35% cream as we don't get "heavy" cream in Canada

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iglvsimpson July 24, 2013
Fabulous Penne a La Vodka