Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

South Beach Diet Phase 1

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  1. Mix first seven ingredients in a small bowl. (The baking powder blobs up so you have to stir really well until it dissolves).
  2. Spray a heated pan with non-stick spray and pour in half of the mixture. It will immediately sort of fluff up like a pancake. Brown on one side and flip. I cooked about 2 minutes on each side.
  3. The "frosting" for this is optional; mix together the last three ingredients in a small cup and spread on pancakes. You can experiment with the ingredients to alter the sweetness. Also, try topping with some fat free yogurt in phase 2.
Most Helpful

These are amazing. I can finally eat pancakes again! This recipe doubles and triples well too. The trick is to stir often with a whisk to get lots of air bubbles in there.

midnightmama February 12, 2010

Turned out pretty good, but a little on the sweet side... Next time I'll only add one Splenda packet. Thanks for the post!

silverelizard August 08, 2009

The cakes turned out as expected as per the directions. The icing was ok, i prefered sugar free syrup. Could have used more cinnamon to cover the bland taste of the flax, I used a quarter tsp. perhaps some natural-style PB would add some great flavor and protien. will try this next time and report back.

speedracer53 May 19, 2011