Fabulous Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 15 mins

Yummy! A light and refreshing hot weather treat. Easy to make, and guilt-free too!

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Freeze the yogurt, and the fruit, if you are starting with fresh.
  2. It is best to put the yogurt into an ice-cube tray.
  3. Puree the frozen yogurt and fruit in a food processor with the remaining ingredients, except the sugar.
  4. They should be thoroughly blended.
  5. Taste, and process in as much sugar as seems good to you.
  6. Spoon into serving dishes and return to the freezer until dessert time.
  7. If you wish to keep the yogurt in the freezer for up to a week, you may do so, in a covered container.
  8. It will need to sit out at cool room temperature for 30 minutes to an hour before serving, or it will be too hard.
Most Helpful

Loved this. I used frozen blueberries, low-sugar blueberry preserves. I heated the berries in the microwave, then mixed the ingredients and let it sit in the fridge a few hours for the flavors to mingle. I processed it in my ice cream maker and it was delicious. Very refreshing.

Jujubegirl April 21, 2010

The title says it all-this is fabulous! I used frozen strawberries and strawberry jam. In all, I used about 3 tbls. sugar. I did half this recipe but you can be sure I won't next time!Thanks Jenny!

Sharon123 January 30, 2004

Made in ice cream maker with raspberries, nectarine, raspberry jam and pomegranate jelly and just regular yogurt. Could make again.

UmmBinat August 08, 2009