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I reviewed this before, but wanted to add that I have been putting a few tsp of vital wheat gluten and it makes the bread amazing! It's very fluffy, full and it keeps the shape nicely. And with the VWG, you can substitute the white flour with whole wheat flower and it comes out as soft and tender as white flour!

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mrs.hare July 02, 2010

I made this in my bread machine and it was wonderful! I did it at the 1.5-lb capacity and had used a whole 2-oz packet of active dry yeast and canola oil. (The first attempt I didn't add enough salt and used sunflower oil, and the loaf sank.) But like with all bread machine recipes I make, I did the yeast-foam stage first before turning the machine on-- I put the yeast in, then the sugar, then the water into the machine's bowl and let it stand for 15 minutes. Then blended the other ingredients in and did a white bread cycle that baked in the machine, came out perfect. A definite keeper I'll make again.

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the80srule March 13, 2010

This is definitely the best bread I've made. I also let the yeast and sugar sit in the warm water for about 15 mins before continuing. It is so soft and yummy. It was almost cloud-like. Just had a piece of the heel tonight. Gonna see how it tastes with left over corned beef tomorrow. Maybe I'll sneak into the kitchen and have another with some butter and jam right now! This is totally our "go to" sandwich bread now. Even my picky two year old liked it! Gonna take some to the in-laws for Wed family dinner. They'll go nuts!

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alalora March 19, 2013

This is the Best white sandwich bread from a bread machine. Believe me, I have tried them all.<br/>It is simple, basic, and easy. All good things. No, it doesn't make Wunderbread. It is more of a soft white bread you would get at a Deli sandwich place if you ordered (for instance) a Ham & Swiss on white. Very good.<br/>Proofing your yeast at the beginning by adding the yeast, sugar, & warm water - keep it at less then 110 degrees or you will kill the yeast - may seem strange, but it is actually a good thing. This way, if your yeast is old, (and does not foam) you do not waste your other ingredients. Smart.<br/>This bread is what white bread should be. The crust is absolutely perfect. <br/>If you have an old 1 1/2 lb. capacity machine like I do, you might consider adding only 2 2/3 cups of flower instead of 3 cups (keeping all other ingredients the same).That is the only way I can keep it from hitting the top window of the machine and making a mess.<br/>When the machine is done, cool on a wire rack for an hour, then place in an airtight container. Then slice (I use an electric knife & a cheap plastic slicing guide). Then enjoy. <br/>This makes a great white sandwich bread.

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Eric22 December 22, 2014

This bread is delicious! I love the fact that it is not only extremely inexpensive to make, but it has the sweetness of store bought bread. I have been searching for that in the other recipes here, but even though they may have the texture I want they are quite bland. The whole family loves it! I made some toast with butter and strawberry jam and it was out of this world. Thanks for sharing!

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Mrs_Rodz August 17, 2011

This is the best recipe! I mix bread flour with all purpose flour. My latest experiment with this recipe is for a sultana bread. I added 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, 3/4 cup of sultana, and 2 extra teaspoons of flour to absorb the extra liquid of the maple syrup. Yummy!!!

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Swan9995 July 22, 2013

I'd been Looking soft bread recipes for bread machine and this one turn to be my fav. Add 1/4 cups milk powder. This bread soft, light, mild sweet and smell wonderfull.. Thank you

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mimio 13 June 13, 2013

I am new to using a bread machine. I have tried several recipes that claim to be "Soft" and have been disappointed every time until I found this one. So easy, makes a beautiful loaf and is super soft and very tasty. I will be making this daily, my 18 year old son loves it.

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djbigdonna_4263644 May 25, 2012

Oh my word. This was awesome. I'm just now learning how to make bread and use a bread machine. Up till now, almost all of my bread attempts have been too dense and have been hard on the outside. So, I know I can't take credit for how this one turned out! I was also impressed with how the holes in the bread were smaller, like store bread. I have been looking for a bread recipe that doesn't turn out too crusty so that I can make it instead of buying store-bought bread. This is the one! Thank you!

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Ransomed by Fire November 14, 2011

I was kind of nervous about making this bread because I have a difficult time making yeast bread even in the bread machine. For some reason, it either turns out hard as a rock or bland but this recipe turned out great. The bread was soft and delicious.

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oceansdust September 09, 2011
Extremely Soft White Bread (Bread Machine)