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Delicious and easy! My little girl just loved this. I've made it twice. Once with orange and today with strawberry. I used a shortbread cookie crust on both and topped them with lots of cool whip. I put both of them in the freezer and served them frozen. Mmmmmm! Thanks, Kittencal! Made in support of the Think Pink event.

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Realtor by day, Chef by night October 06, 2009

All the desserts that I make are for my kids and grandkids cuz far be it for ME to eat all these calories...right? I took another's suggestion and made it pudding-style.

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gailanng April 15, 2009

I wanted to try this recipe in the worst way, but could not find "6g packages of sugar free Kool-Aid" anywhere. I did discover though that depending on the flavor the weight varies. Orange is 4.2 Tropical Punch is 4.5 Mango and Pina Colada are 3.96 Now figure that. :-) Well after checking with Kiteen I decided to use 2 Packets. I used Pna Colada and Mango. Wow What flavor. I figured that if it tasted too sweet I would just add a little fresh lemon juice.(didn't need to) So I will keep this recipe around for many more flavor experiments. Thanks Kitten! Sure glad you keep us supplied with such great recipes. Koechin/Chef

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Koechin (Chef) June 20, 2008

OK, I REALLY wanted to make this pie, but I didn't have a crust on hand, or enough graham crackers to make one. So, I made the recipe and spooned it into dessert cups, then crumbled some graham crackers on top. I used orange kool-aid, and had the dreamiest, creamiest, creamsicle-tasting dessert that was out of this world! My 7 year old smiled with his eyes closed and litterally swayed in his chair as he ate it...no joke! I can not WAIT to make this again, in a crust, and try all different flavors of Kool Aid. The name is right, it's one of the easiest desserts I've ever put together, and is made with things I almost always have on hand. Thanks for a dessert for all ages!

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ColCadsMom January 09, 2008
Extremely Easy Creamy Kool-Aid Pie