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While making these I was a little worried about my batter as it seemed quite soft - more like a cake batter than a cokie dough. A night chilling and the dough firmed up quite a bit and was very easy to work with. I made smaller cookies so my yield was more than 60 cookies. To maintain the firmness of the dough, I kept it chilled between scooping each tray. The results were absolutely fantastic cookies. Deep and intense chocolate flavor; a light crispy exterior with a soft chewy center. Not too sweet but rich, rich, rich. These are more than a dream, they are chcolate nirvana. I used the holiday edition white chocolate chips (with red and green stripes), doting a few on the tops of the batter to make sure they would pop out on the top of each cookie. I absolutely loved them and my real concern is not the result but how much nibbling I might do before the holidays trays were made. Thanks Kitten.

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justcallmetoni December 12, 2006
Extreme Chocolate Cookies