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You do not have to look any further for a butter cream icing recipe... I use this on all of my wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, etc. In the summertime, I reduce the butter to 1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) and add the additional 1/2 in extra Crisco (vegetable shortening). It holds up in the extreme humidity we have here in our state, and keeps the icing from melting. I add 2 tablespoons of meringue powder and use only 8 oz. of cream... it whips up, does not get "aerated holes", and has a slight crust... that makes it perfect for the design work I use on the professional cakes. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, as it is one I have used for years... it is one which will give you a great reputation as a baker of lovely cakes.

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Lutie July 09, 2009

I'm a pro cake decorator, and this is a good icing for beginners, practice or "informal" cakes. I made a few changes to use for a wedding cake. First, add 1/2 tsp. extra meringue powder for a stronger foundation to decorate on. I also added a little more flavoring, 1/2 tsp. extra of each. If very white icing is desired, use Wilton's White White Icing Dye, it "bleaches" out the ivory color, also I used clear vanilla. Oh, and PLEASE use a stand mixer if you don't want to buy a new hand mixer each time you make icing! A food processor can work, but a stand mixer makes a much smoother icing.

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emtpixie August 26, 2004

Absolutely yummy and great to work with! I used an organic trans fat free shortening and it came out perfect!! Used this on your sour cream wedding cake.... holy cow......THANK YOU! *** Edited to add *** I just had to add that I made 2 diff. buttercream recipes tonight. This one and another one that is posted on youtube, cakecentral, etc....this one blows that one out of the water. It has a better taste and a much smoother, bubble-less consistency. This will be my go to from now on.

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dukeswalker July 09, 2010

For the love of all that is holy, please quit putting fake stuff in BC icing. And no shortening. GAG!!

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jamietawzer February 17, 2010

This was delicious. I'm in course #3 of the Wilton cake decorating. I just couldn't stand the sweet buttercream that Wilton had suggested in their books. This was perfect. The frosting was easy to pipe. My basketweave came out perfect. I used emtpixie sugessions by adding an extra 1/2 teaspoon to the meringue power, vanilla, almond extract and clea butter flavoring. I didn't use the Wiltons dye because I wanted and ivory color. Everyone in my class wanted the recipe. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Jane from Ohio November 15, 2008

AWESOME icing!!! My customer wanted a buttercream/cream cheese icing, so i made the recipe as printed and then added 8 oz. of cream cheese...WOW!! yummy!! This will be a keeper. Thanks so much!!

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Pamela J June 03, 2006

I was researching different frosting recipes to use for my friends upcoming wedding...the task at hand was 150 cupcakes & a 2 layer, 1 tier 8" wedding cake for a cupcake tree display. I decided to use this one. I am SO pleased with the results. This is a bakery style sweet frosting that frosts & pipes well & crusts up enough for the piped borders, etc. to hold their shape. I am not trying to change the recipe here, just trying to offer tips to anyone looking for a great frosting who may not have the merengue powder or butter flavoring...I did not use either one. I did double the vanilla (I used vanilla bean paste). Mainly because I did not want to make an extra trip to Michaels. Everyone Loved the frosting. It still crusted up just fine. I quadruped the recipe to ensure I had plenty, but I made each batch separately. It is very important to whip the heck out of the shortening & salt together (4-5 min). That is key! To ensure a light colored frosting (not white but not yellow) I whipped the butter for a good four minutes on its own too, then whipped them both together. I have since made it again for my office & 1 batch was enough for four dozen heavily frosted cupcakes.

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phlox.graphics February 17, 2016

Looking for the perfect decorating frosting that got rave reviews for taste? This is it!! I had to use regular brown vanilla and half n half out of necessity and didn't have butter flavoring and it was great. Just enough to decorate my daughter's 4th birthday three-tiered cake with basic borders and a little piping. I'm not an expert by any stretch but this will be my go-to for kid's birthday cakes from now on. Thanks SO much for the keeper!

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lolablitz October 06, 2012

I will never make another buttercream frosting recipe again! I've tried so many with so-so results, but this was out of the park good! The flavor is wonderful and it gets nice and smooth! It also get's that "pro" frosting "crust" when it sets up! Love love love!

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Jollymae May 24, 2012

This was fantastic buttercream frosting. This recipe made enough for me to frost 2 9" rounds, a 9x13 rectangle, and a dozen cupcakes. Yummy!

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RdhdA8 June 15, 2008
Extra Special Buttercream Icing