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I thank you and my family also thanks you for this great tasting and easy recipe. It was devoured! My sister and her husband thought it was store bought ( :) ). I'm so glad you found and copied this recipe to share with others. This will definitely be at least a once a week meal for my family. Thanks again Shelli.

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honeycoko October 29, 2002

What a easy recipe that taste great. I'm not a big fan of lasagna but my family is. Thank you so much for making it easier for me. I will use this recipe from now on.

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P.J. September 22, 2003

This recipe is the only one we use now. It is VERY quick and easy to put together, especially because you do not have to cook the noodles ahead of time, and then have them get stuck together or whatnot while attempting to assemble the lasagna. I use Aldi brand spaghetti sauce. My daughter has made this before and just told me she layers it in the following fashion: noodles, cottage cheese, sauce, and mozzarella cheese. She does this twice and then bakes it uncovered. I make it following the recipe steps exactly. It is delicious and anyone we serve it to tells us they think so, too!

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Cynthia Q October 15, 2010

Very nice lasagne. I was worried about the dry noodles but this method works if you follow the instructions. I used italian sausage instead of the pork and threw in some green pepper and onion. Thank you, Donna.

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DonnaColorado Johnson June 21, 2010

I made this recipe, only I put it all together in the crockpot! Cooked it on low for exactly 4 hours and it came out perfectly, while making the house smell delish! (I used ricotta instead of cottage cheese, just b/c that's what I had. I added a couple of cloves of chopped garlic to the meat while browing.)

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A la Carte October 17, 2006

I thought this was very good. I did make the mistake of thinking it might need salt, so I sprinkled some over the top before baking. DON'T do that! I do think next time that I might boil the noodles just a bit to make them a bit softer. They weren't hard, but they weren't as soft as I would have cared for. Could have been because my jar of spaghetti sauce was only 26 oz and the extra 2 oz of liquid could have made a difference. Not sure. Also, next time, I think I'll add just a pinch of sugar. and maybe just a tad bit more water (or sauce - lol!) All that considered, this was the best lasagna recipe that I have made so far and I will definitely make it again! Thanks for a super easy and tasty supper.

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LifeAfter40 May 16, 2006

perfectly simple and tasty. Follow above instructions but make in your crockpot breaking up noodles to fit. cook low for 6 hours!!!!!

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jellyko March 24, 2006
Extra Easy Lazy Day Lasagna!