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What a fun recipe! I love this cookie for its wide range of spices. I was disappointed that I didn't taste the rose water the first time I made it, but the honey flavor came through nicely. The second time I made it, I put the teaspoon of rosewater and blended it with the sugar that you roll the dough in. The sugar becomes coarser and the flavor comes through!

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Cookie Jarvis November 30, 2009

I LOVED these cookies; made them for my Christmas cookie tray and the little bite from the crystilized ginger gave it that something special. I made it as directed with no changes and it was perfect. The only issue I had is mine spread out to much and didn't look as pretty as your photo but the taste sensation made that a none issue. I'll be including these little taste sensations every year.

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Bonnie G #2 January 01, 2012

Oh My Gosh, these must be the ultimate spice cookies. I had to change one thing , I used orange water as I didn't have rose water on hand. Other than that, by the book and they came out incredible. They have a nice little thin crisp crust with a soft, tender and scrumptious interior. Not at all difficult to make and they perfume the house with a wonderful spice aroma while baking. This is a keeper!

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Annacia December 04, 2011

Really spicy and delicious. I didn't really notice the rosewater. I loved the candied ginger. My husband didn't make the 36 as noted, he made maybe 24 and I think they came out too large and flat. Texture was still good and slightly soft. I'll definitely ask him to bake these again!

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mizzzim February 26, 2009

wonderful... made for my cookie exchange. nicely spiced and unique.

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WonderMima December 09, 2008

excellent. 5 star, no question. I actually didn't like the name of them and almost didn't try them... my tastes do NOT tend towards the exotic. but then I looked at the ingredients and decided they probably wouldn't taste exotic. and they don't. but their taste is definitely a step above an average ginger cookie containig chopped ginger. the "exotic" additions boost the flavor and give the cookies an edge. texture is great. crisp outside, chewy middles. buttery good. keep them smaller for more crispness. I made about 20 instead of 30 and they were a bit too big. stick with 30.

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valchemist April 04, 2008
Exotic Spice Cookies With Ginger, Cardamom and Rose Water