Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is essential for feet.

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  1. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients.
  2. Slide feet into mixture and rub, beginning at toes, working up to heel and ankle.
  3. Do one foot at a time, rinsing in a separate bowl of warm water.
Most Helpful

Very, very nice. I used Nature's Gate Tea Tree lotion, which is not unscented, but very nice and lightly scented, but I'm sure you could do this with any lotion you want. It is a thick lotion, so I ended up adding a bit of extra aloe vera gel. It worked great making my feet and hands very soft- wonderful soft and luxurious feeling. I think that Kay Demonbren's suggestion of grinding up the oats a little is a good one, but it worked just fine as-is. Great stuff and very cheap and easy to make. Thanks!

Roosie December 23, 2004

I like this. It's quick and easy to throw together and inexpensive to make (beats the $20 jar of foot scrub from that popular national chain). I didn't have unscented lotion, but the scented was just as pleasing to me. I think next time I do this, I may grind the oats in the food processor a little so they can really get in there and "scrub". Thanks for this recipe.

Kay D. July 25, 2004