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Made for PAC Fall 2008 ~ Very good! I made an adult version by soaking 3/4 cup raisins (all I had on hand) until plump in 1/2 cup Scotch Whiskey, along with the maple syrup and vanilla called for in the recipe. I used old fashioned oats, brown sugar instead of white, a 15 ounce can pumpkin, 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips, and 1 1/2 cups chopped walnuts ~ baked in 2 Pyrex pans for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. As seen in the photos, the bars cut nicely and are moist ~ from the 2 pans I got 50 square bars so I believe the serving size in the recipe may be incorrect, or were cut differently than mine. Thanks Stylin Dog!

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Kerfuffle-Upon-Wincle October 06, 2008

I first came across the original Everything Breakfast Bar on Zaar, but I chose to make this one instead because it doesn't use Splenda--AND because it doubles the original recipe, which is a great idea when you are trying to prepare a bunch of quick grab-and-go breakfasts to keep on hand. Based on reviews of this recipe and of the recipe this one is based on, I cut the sugar down to 1 1/2 cups of packed brown sugar. That made them JUST sweet enough for my kids not to suspect that I was trying to feed them yet another recipe that might actually be good for them. These would still have tasted fine to me with less sugar, but I think most people would do fine to use 1 1/2 to 2 cups of sugar. I just can't see how these would ever need the full 3 cups of sugar. The chocolate chips and maple syrup (I used honey) add sweetness as well. I also used old-fashioned oatmeal instead of quick oats. Next time, I think I will add in some toasted walnuts as well. This recipe definitely wins points for being incredibly easy to make. Cutting them into rectangular bars approximately the size of a commercially prepared granola bar yields 24 bars (12 per pan). I made them right before bed, let them cool overnight, and then cut them in the morning. They easily came right out of the pan in perfectly sliced pieces that held together well. We each had one for breakfast (they are pretty filling!) and the rest I froze on a cookie sheet and later placed in a large freezer bag for later. They will make great on-the-go breakfasts on those mornings when we are running behind and don't have time to sit down to eat, and they will make nice lunchbox snacks as well!

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Heaven's Kitchen January 07, 2010

I wasn't sure if I had already rated this so I am now. These are great! they freeze really well also. I use half of the raisins that it calls for because my family was turning up their noses at the thought of raisins being in it. You can't even tell they are in there. Makes a great breakfast on the run.

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smarler77 January 07, 2010

OMG. These are so delicious. Way easy to make. I am looking forward to breakfast this week. Thank you for the GREAT recipe.

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threewhales March 29, 2009

There is lot's of room for variation with this basic recipe. It comes out like a sturdy muffin cut into bars. I substituted: very ripe mashed bananas, used 1 cup raisins and excluded chocolate chips, and reduced sugar by 1/3. I actually would probably reduce the sugar to 1/2 another time. Muffins always taste sweeter the next day after the flavors blend.

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andy4johnson October 13, 2006
Everything Breakfast Bar Vii