Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This takes the typical soft soap recipie and makes it effortless! I think the glycerin soap is the key. It doesn't work the same with other soaps.


  1. Cut the bar of soap into small squares that will fit into the pump bottle.
  2. Put them in the bottle (1/4 bar to 8 oz water) Add water to fill bottle.
  3. Let sit an hour or two, shaking once in a while.
  4. You will have a great liquid soap that will make your hands feel soft!
  5. As you use up the liquid add more water until all the chunks of soap are gone.
  6. Then add more soap!
  7. The chunks of soap actually look pretty in the container.
  8. I bet the high end stores come out with this in a few months!
Most Helpful

Great, economical solution to a neverending problem in my guest bathroom and kitchen... it always seems like there is ALWAYS an empty soap dispenser in one place or another! I have very sensitive skin and usually only use a castile soap on my body and face but my hands can handle this soap with ease. I am a stay at home mom ( of 2 beautiful Boxer "furbabies") and I am constantly washing my hands around them and during my daily routine around the house. I used a clear soap dispenser and cubed the soap to fit, added hot tap water, shook it bit and left it alone for an hour. Came back and used a little... was a bit runny but you could already see that it was getting creamier. I added a few drops of essential oils and it smelled ( and felt great ) so good. Thanks for such an easy liquid soap solution!

atlfitgirl December 20, 2006

rockinred gave a very accurage review. Tweak this recipe and you will have a great soft soap. Needs lots more glycerine than called for and a bit more time to set before there is a creamy texture. Overall good recipe once you get it down. Thanks for posting :)

mermaidmagic March 19, 2005

I eventually got good results, but I had to add double the amount of soap. Also, use HOT WATER. This isn't specified, but after several days when all I had was cloudy water, I soaked the container in hot water. This helped. After about a week, the whole thing thickened up and NOW resembles SoftSoap. This is a good basic recipe after some tweaking.

rockinred December 11, 2004