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The fleur de sel specks on top of the gooey caramel made this recipe pop! What better way to tie together the fudgy brownie, cruncy oreos and the cookie filling's creaminess all in one bite. Get your napkins out and get ready, you're in for a REAL treat.

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Rebecca Fieldhouse August 14, 2013

Yep, these are amazing! I didn't have a whole box of Oreos so I decided to sub half with "Thin Mints" girl scout cookies. The thin mint ones were the crowd favorite by far. 9X13 pan is a must, and I think the foil on the bottom helps with cutting and possibly keeps the cookie bottom from getting over-done while the brownie finishes baking. The first time I waited for the brownie to harden up and the cookie bottom was waaay over-done. The second time I took it out while the brownie was still very gooey and it turned out much better. (I made my own dulche de leche from sweetened condensed milk. It tasted great but I will be stocking the canned version from now on because this isn't a quick recipe when you make everything from scratch!)

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Chefambie March 03, 2015

The concept of the recipe is phenomenal, but I tried it in the 8X8 and was disappointed. I cooked it for an hour, and although the cookie layer and the very outer brownie later were dinner perfectly, the middle brownie was still raw. I will try it again, but in a 9X13 pan. I also have to question the foil. I'm not sure what it did to help, but it did make it a pain to cut...

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Brian F. January 04, 2015

Wow. Just - wow. This recipe encompasses everything that is good about dessert in my book: cookies, brownies, MORE cookies & salted caramel. This is the perfect dessert to prepare on a weeknight when there is limited time to spend in the kitchen. And I have to say in my case, these brownies really "got around." I made three batches in one week and conducted an informal taste test alongside the original slutty brownie (sans caramel). These won hands down! I am compelled to add salted caramel to everything now. Genius! Thanks for the sultry recipe, Mandy! [Note: I used a 9x13 pan and increased the baking time to 50 minutes].

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Jillian at Food.com August 08, 2013

First time I made these for my family (Christmas, 2013). I used the 8x8 pan and there was way too much of everything for that size pan and baking time had to be adjusted (can't remember exactly how much time I added, but it was more than an hour). I ended up cutting off the edges that were too well-done, but overall no one could tell and everybody loved them. I've made them many times since, each time in a 9x13 pan lined with parchment paper (I found the foil too hard to peel off the bottoms). I increase the baking time to 50 minutes and cover the pan edges (about 1" deep) with foil after 35 minutes so they don't get overdone. Everybody LOVES this decadent dessert. Some people can only eat a small slice and have their sweet craving satisfied. Others, like the O-line of my son's college football team, cannot get enough. I'm starting on my second pan for them now, and I'll make them a few more times when they visit us at Christmas break! (I'll have to steal some for my family first.)

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Golden Rule November 12, 2015

Extremely disappointed! The 8x8 pan was overflowing because of the amount of caramel used. Why is there baking powder/soda in the cookie dough? It caused it to rise all the way to the top creating a big mess! And 35 minutes wasnt even enough time for the edges to cook. We made these from scratch so I recommend used premade cookie dough and brownie box mix and cutting down the caramel sauce. I probably won't be trying this recipe again!

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kayele2000 March 28, 2015

I made these for an office party and in order to save some time I used boxed brownie mix and a tub of cookie dough. I used Hershey's caramel sauce because I couldn't find dulce de leche. I used a 9x13 glass dish and lined it with foil and sprayed the foil well with cooking spray, but next time I won't line it. The foil kept ripping when I tried to get the brownies out and it made them fall apart. I let mine cook for about 45 minutes and they came out perfect. The fleur de sel was a nice addition. I really like salty/sweet stuff!

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apucke3 May 01, 2014

Made these for an office party and they were the first dessert to go!! Lots of laughs over the name; one of my co-workers re-named them the more politically correct "Brownies of Questionable Morals" :) Lots of compliments and requests for the recipe! Do remember to cut them quite small, as they are VERY rich! I did take the shortcut with fudge brownie box mix, a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreos and a can of dulce de leche - I can't imagine them tasting better by going through all the work of making the cookie dough and brownie batter from scratch.... Oh, and I did bake them in a 9 x 13 glass Pyrex pan lined with foil and they came out perfectly!

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Raquel Grinnell April 04, 2014

I've had slutty brownies before and loved them so much that I wanted to make them myself and I loved how this recipe looked. I followed the directions exactly. I used the boxed brownie mix and premade cookie do in the exact amounts in an 8X8 pan but after 35 minutes the center was still liquidy. It took over 1 1/2 hours to finish cooking at 350 and by then the edges were burnt. I was able to salvage them by cutting off the edges but the oreos had disintegrated inside the brownie and you couldn't even tell they were in there. Next time I will use a bigger pan and no caramel inside just on top to see if they turn out any differently.

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loriferlulublue December 11, 2013

The only thing that would make this any better would be some vanilla ice cream on top! :-)

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Christine E. September 01, 2013
Even Sluttier Slutty Brownies