Even a Kid Can Do It Perfect Fried Eggs

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 2 mins

My son has always been a breakfast food lover. He could eat it morning, noon, and night. When he was about 10, he wanted to learn to cook his favorites, but he just could not get the hang of frying eggs. They would always break or stick to the pan etc. So I came up with this easy way to make foolproof eggs. I had forgotten all about it--this was over 10 years ago. But when I recently went to his house to visit, he was cooking, and he still makes his eggs like this.


  1. Use a nonstick frying pan with a tight fitting lid.
  2. Melt margarine over med to med high heat.
  3. When bubbly, carefully break eggs into the pan.
  4. When the whites are good and white, add the water next to the eggs and immediately cover with the lid.
  5. Give the pan a good shake to loosen eggs from pan.
  6. Cook until yolks are to desired doneness.
  7. Slide the eggs out of the pan onto your plate.


Most Helpful

I've been making my fried eggs this way forever. Or at least since my great father-in-law taught me to do it shortly after I married his son. It's not fool proof though. You can end up with hard yolks and runny egg whites (I HATE that!) but with a little practice, mastering the heat ( I cook mine on medium high and I wait until the whites are just a little brown around the edges) and for sure, clear lids for your pans are key to making perfect eggs every time.

Cher Jewhurst January 21, 2011

THIS WORKED! I'm a convert to this technique. I'm a MAJOR egg lover -- can eat them 3 times a day and not get tired. Unfortunately, my fried eggs/easy over eggs skills were sketchy, at best. Luckily, I enjoyed all my mistakes, even if I was frustrated I couldn't get those lovely, hot, soft, creamy, rich yolks on demand unless I soft-boiled them (we even have backyard chickens so I get the best egg possibilities). THANK YOU for posting this technique -- strangely, my husband is struggling with it, but after seeing me produce yolk-perfect eggs several times in a row, he's willing to try until he gets it, too. I bet if he had a clear lid, like Greeny4444, he'd be an instant success (he's let them get too firm).

Chef AprilAllYear January 04, 2011

I love fried eggs, and this is SUCH an easy way to make them! My pots and pans have clear lids, so I can be extra lazy and just look through the lid, hehe. I'll probably do it this way all the time now. I used Brummel & Brown's buttery spread for the margarine. Thanks so much for posting this! Made for the "I Recommend" tag game.

Greeny4444 July 04, 2010

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