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Sorry, but I had some problems with this recipe. I hate to give a negative review, but I know I rely on the reviews and I imagine others do, too. First of all, this makes way more than 8 servings--more like 12 at least. When I cut up the vegetables they were overflowing from even the biggest bowl in my kitchen. The directions for cutting the vegetables were confusing (e.g. cutting the peppers into one in strips: one inch by how long?) I ended up just chunking everything. The recipe calls for one cup of water. This was barely enough to cover the bottom of the huge soup pot I had to use to fit all the veggies. So I used more like a quart of water. Lastly, the stew was very bland. I ended up adding seasonings, including zahatar and crushed red pepper. On the plus side, the recipe gets points for ease of preparation and for excellent nutrition. I wish I could say I will make this again, but I don't think I will.

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windhorse23 April 28, 2008

This was very good, although I had to cut back on some of the vegetables in order to get this to fit in my chili pan. Also, I had about 1/2 cup of whole cream in the refrigerator, so I added it to make the juice creamy. My husband really liked it!!!

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karky August 23, 2003
Euvedge (Goulash-Type Stew)