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This is pretty close...I actually use rye flour instead of masa, as tef, the traditional Ethiopian grain, is a rye relative and we like the 'bite' it gives the bread. I have also had great luck halving or quartering the recipe - just make sure there's at least 1 tsp of yeast to every cup of flour.

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liz.tarquin September 24, 2008

Excellent! I made these last evening to serve with, or should I just say "to serve" Ham Shanks & Pinto Beans. I thickened the beans with a bit of masa harina and served them in shallow bowls to make for easier scooping. I don't know if buttering these is authentic but it sure tastes good. Good companions, a pint or two or three of a locally brewed Pale Ale, it was Nervana or at least close to it. I'm trying to locate a source for teff flour. Thanx, Pierre

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Pierre Dance April 14, 2004

Well, I've never had ethiopian cuisine before, but thought I'd give this a shot. Served it with Ethiopian Chickpea Wat from here on Zaar. It was definitely different, but since I have never had it before, I'm assuming it was similar to the real deal. Don't know if I'll make again, but it was definitely fun to try!! Thanks for sharing! :O)

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SPrins May 31, 2009
Ethiopian Flat Bread (Injera)