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Thanks so much for posting this recipe...I do a very similar version of this but never had the patience or the smarts to be able to jot down a description of it and how to go about...I also never am able to do it the same way twice...I really admire the shape of your loaf ((GREAT PHOTO)...I tend to form mine much thinner(about 1/4" thick) ...I dehydrate it usually for about 10 hours...but that varies batch to batch as well...over the summer I sun baked it on slate in the garden to finish it off...this last batch I tagged for the Healthy Choices Tag and added pumpkin seeds, raisins and a bit of honey, cinnamon,nutmeg & ginger to some to celebrate Autumn flavors :)... I do several batches at once in my little round "SnackMaster"...about 5 sheets at a time...I almost always throw in different seeds/spices- sunflower, sesame, caraway, poppy,peppers,garlic to some -(I got that inspiration from the idea of bagels on display {{lol}}} kinda going for the "everything effect" sometimes :) :) {{lol}}... but love this most simplistic version just as much or even more, so do a version of that as well. This is perfection as far as a guide to do it _ LOVE IT! always have a bread box full of it in the house,and it is eaten for or with any meal ...I read somewhere on line that essene bread is the very essence of simplicity...:) I have also heard it called angel bread -lovely thought...(containing the graces of water,air and sun and earth)...a wonderful live recipe THANKS Chef Joey Z.!!! This is fantastic!!

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free-free October 03, 2008
Essene Bread (Raw Sprouted Bread)