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I used this tonight on DH's "crocodile feet". It worked GREAT!! Better than any of that expensive stuff from stores!! I used instant coffee,white sugar,and olive oil. It exfoliated so well, he says his boots fit better now!! I then used it on DD's and my hands.So soft! The only thing to be noted is that you need to be gentle with it on "thin skin"( tops of hands and feet) as it really is a superb exfoliant. Made for Comfort Cafe- Snow Queen Round- 1/10.

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kellychris January 05, 2010

5 for soft feet but it is extremely messy, it sticks to the bath tub and my feet smelled a of a hint of coffee after (during it smells really good) which is not beautiful. I'm not really sure what the coffee does for the skin. I used instant half caff because it is what I had on hand. the granules don't exfoliate because they become pasty. Maybe this would be good without the coffee?!! or with another powder to take its place. I used an excellent Sea Buckthorn body oil by Weleda which has a orange scent to it, it's a really great massage oil without almond or soy. I used all regular white sugar. I may try this again without the coffee granules. Made for Comfort Cafe - Snow Queens Round 01/10.

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UmmBinat January 03, 2010

I really enjoyed this scrub. I used fine grounds taken from the coffee filter, regular sugar and sweet almond oil. It left my feet super soft. Thank you for posting Hayley!

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Mami J September 17, 2009

This had a similar texture to a sea salt rub I had purchased, so I concluded that the sugar granules accounted for the gentle exfoliation, and the vegetable oil I used softened the skin. I used instant coffee, so that may have added to the exfoliation, but I think the coffee's smell helps to mask funky foot smells. I sat on the edge of my bathtub, and rinsed off my feet from there. The only negative was oily residue on the bottom of the tub that may it tricky to exit the tub. I tried this once on one foot while it was dry, then tried it again on both feet after a 15-minute soak in Coffee Foot Soak #71087. Made for January 2009 Comfort Cafe.

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KateL January 31, 2009

A useful foot scrub and moisturizer. I liked having the oil in the scrub, so that my feet were exfoliated and softened. It is a very abrasive product, I'd only use it on the bottoms and sides of the feet, and maybe elbows. I tried one foot with brewed grounds (neutral) and one with fresh (acidic), and couldn't tell any difference.

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realbirdlady January 02, 2009

This is so much fun, it was a cold Sunday afternoon and all the chores were done, so we had nothing to do except to relax. The house was warm from our wood fires so Little Miss (DD) and I thought this scrub would be fun thing to try. I used three tablespoon of Nescafe Coffee, didn't have any vanilla sugar left at home, so I used a few drops of vanilla essence. I used Apricot Kernel Oil, an oil normally used for cradle cap. I used a mixed blend of essential oil called Prosperity, which is a blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. Little Miss kept it on our tootsies for about five minutes and I had mine on for 30 minutes, my feet and tootsies are so smooth, will try it on my hands as well. This mixture is enough for about four feet. Thank you Hayley_11

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Chef floWer April 13, 2008
Espresso Scrub for Your Tootsies