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This soup is delicious. However, it did not thicken up real well for me and I had to use a little cornstarch to help it thicken some but that was my fault because I know that I used too much water. I made more than 4 servings and it made ALOT. I am going to have to freeze some. The soup is so wonderful and filling and all of the different meats in it is so good. Outstanding recipe. I will be making this again. Thank you very much.

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Gingerbear November 17, 2002

10 Stars Pets ! Erwtensoep was never a favourite of DH's ( shame on him, a born and bred Dutchman LOL !!! ) but I adore the stuff and usually eat it alone. THEN, SiL got celeriac in her to-the-door organic box delivery and she hates the stuff so other SiL and I went half each and I went in search of a pea soup that would contain celeriac. Yours of course does, so is a REAL Dutch born and bred authentic version and I must say,... when DH tasted this and muttered that he might grow to actually LIKE erwtensoep every now and agin if it was make like THIS, then I knew that this was a winner indeed. Since I only had half of a celeriac, I also added celery .. heck the more the merrier, the taste of both is excellent. The spareribs touch is devine as I like this soup meaty but not too fatty. to this end I used a leaner bacon and plenty of it, and added a heap of Rookworst, again the more the better in my estimation. The end result is a super thick soup that you can not only cut with a knife when it's cold (true test of excellent Dutch Pea Soup tradition) but that will stack up very nicely indeed in your freezer. This is no wimp of a boullion soup, it's full and hearty and so substantial that it will keep you going on the coldest of days. Please see my rating system: 5 excellent stars for a recipes that uses celeriac AND convinced DH that Erwtensoep was actually pretty brilliant after all. Thanks !!!

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kiwidutch February 19, 2008

Quick tip: grate a potato into the soup in the last half hour of cooking. Helps to remove any scum from the split peas and pork, and helps to thicken it. Trick from my Dutch mother.

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Missy Wombat December 26, 2002

this erwtesoep recipe is made of 100% win! I've made a few time now and it has been winner every time. Don't need to soak the split peas overnight, just start boiling them with the meat straight away. very good recipe :)

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rzffa December 20, 2008

This soup is great! My husband lived in the Hague for 12 years, and he says it is just like he remembers. We used ham hock instead of the bacon the first time, and Canadian bacon the second, and it was great both times. It is SO much better than any canned pea soups! It also freezes well, which is good since there are only the two of us now.

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mtbrown May 08, 2008

Delicious! Absolutely the best pea soup we've had - wonderful richness, depth and flavor, perfect for a cold winter night supper. It was surprisingly not greasy, despite the bacon, and was delicious served with crusty French bread and a cold, creamy slaw of cabbage and sprouts. I used more than 3 1/2 cups of peas, so as to not have a partial package left over. Also more ribs, 2.5 lbs., because the grocery store didn't have smaller packages. The store also didn't have slab bacon, so 10 oz. of salt pork was used,and smoked turkey sausage instead of Polish because it was on sale and also lower in fat (Dutch sausage was not an option). And last, I got too busy with family at the end of cooking to add the chopped celery and parsley, but a small dash of salt and a fresh grind of black pepper over individual bowls completed all the seasoning that was needed. Even with all the unintended changes, this soup was wonderful, and the recipe made a large quantity that will allow for serving another day, as well as a container in the freezer - well worth the minimal amount of work to make it. This was my first experience using celeriac, so I am glad to have learned about using it - an interesting and tasty flavor. A personal rule of thumb has been confirmed, though - any excuse for using leeks is probably good. Thank you for this great recipe!

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iversons January 28, 2005

My ex-husband is 100% Dutch so I was lucky enough to snag some real Dutch recipes from his non-English speaking Mum. Your mother is very correct in that it MUST be thick or it just isn't authentic. My kids have been alternately picky through their lives and they were surprised as I was when they reached for 2nd's and 3rd's. This recipe tasted exactly like my ex-MIL, Dank u! :)

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Pooh Bear November 05, 2003

This recipe was just superb! My family loved it, and I will absolutely make it again. We substituted Polish smoked sausage for the Dutch, but I will try to find some Dutch sausage in one of the towns near me with a big Dutch population. You're right -- it certainly is a hearty and filling soup. Thanks again!

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Ceil from NJ December 24, 2002

This recipe a little incorrect. We dont use the sparerib in the Erwtensoep. Better with pork joint. Good Erwtensoep take 2 days for making. And thick. Very very thick. Here http://www.coquinaria.nl/recepten/bouillons/erwtensoep.htm. If comprehension of the dutch or can convert for very very good Erwtensoep.

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Theresa M. January 27, 2016

This is a great recipe. You can also use a pig's trotters instead of the spare ribs if you want to go traditional. We eat black rye bread with butter with smoked bacon at the side.

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Inge L. June 19, 2015
Erwtensoep - Dutch Pea Soup