Erin Go Bragh Roast Sirloin

Total Time
2hrs 20mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 2 hrs 10 mins

The sauce is richer than Bill Gates

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  1. Heat your oven to 350°F.
  2. Wipe the meat, season to taste with salt and pepper and place in a roasting pan.
  3. Place the pan in the oven and cook for one hour.
  4. Add the whiskey and wine to the pan.
  5. Cook for a further hour, basting once or twice.
  6. Remove the roast from the pan, place on a serving dish and keep warm.
  7. Pour off the excess fat from the meat juices, adding water to bring to about 15 fluid ounces.
  8. Beat the butter into the flour to form a smooth paste.
  9. Add a little of the juices to this and mix well, then pour onto the juices, mixing again, and bring to the boil.
  10. Simmer gently for 2-3 minutes to cook the flour.
  11. Correct the seasoning, if necessary.
  12. If the sauce is too thick, add a little more water.
  13. Serve separately in a gravy boat.
  14. Serve with potatoes cooked in their jackets and a cooked green vegetable.


Most Helpful

Good recipe; I'll try it again. I think I can make it come out better, as I used a dusty dry Italian red; something a little more fruity would have been better; likewise I didn't have any Irish Whiskey on hand, and used Canadian instead, doing it with Scotch or Irish would certainly improve my results. Mine cooked a little faster so had to pull it a little early. Likewise, when I next do this, I'm going to be a bit more fussy on the roast...this recipe has all sorts of potential to come up to a seriously great result, and my four stars reflects my mistakes, as opposed the author's...

John DOH July 18, 2010

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