Enzyme Smoothie (Raw Vegan)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

(LFRV compliant!) This is a great anytime a day drink however this is perfect as a before dinner smoothie as it contains digestive enzymes. Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, breaks down cholesterol in the blood and reduces inflammation in the blood and tissues. Bromelain also eliminates muscle, joint, and headache pain and also helps break down fats. Papain, an enzyme in papaya, breaks down protein molecules in the blood, reducing inflammation that is linked to allergies or pain. Papain even attacks a protein on the coating of cancer cells which helps eliminate this threat.


  1. Blend all ingredients and add as much water as needed to reach desired smoothie consistency. Drink up!
Most Helpful

Yummy, refreshing, healthy. I enjoyed for breakfast using some pineapple juice just to get it going in the blender. Would make a healthy dessert thick like ice cream. Thanks!

Rita~ December 13, 2010