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OMG!!!!! THIS IS UTTERLY AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!! SIMPLY SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS!!! I've NEVER reviewed a recipe on here before.... & although I'm quite an experienced cook, this is the FIRSTTIME I'VE MADE CANDY.....BUT, I felt I HAD to review this one!!! I chose this particular English Toffee recipe BECAUSE it was the easiest, with the LEAST amount of ingredients. I was soon to discover that I'd made a VERY WISE DECISION!!! Over the past week, I've made EIGHTEEN+ BATCHES (a 'first go,' a taster for family & 16 batches - out of the 18 I need for a cookie exchange tomorrow night....2 more to go!!!) & EVERYONE HAS JUST LOOOOOOOVED IT AND BEGGED FOR MORE!! I've only done ONE batch without using the candy thermometer & I'd advise against it. It turned out fine & tasted as delicious as the others, but the color was off once it cooled. So I'd suggest ALWAYS using the candy thermometer. I WAS going to say that you cook until 5 minutes AFTER / LONGER THAN you feel like your arm will fall off but I actually timed it in the 2 batches I've just made & both reached the listed temperature after a few seconds more than 15 minutes.....I started timing once the mixture came to a full boil. As someone who's from England (& whose family is as well), I can tell you that this is AS GOOD as any I've / we've had there. There's absolutely NO NEED for a more difficult recipe OR one with a bunch more ingredients, time or clean up. This is JUST PERFECT, RIGHT AS IT IS!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH FOR POSTING, JAUNESSA!!!

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claytonbecca December 17, 2013

This is delicious. We love english toffee and I have never made it before. I have never made candy to such a high temp before.I followed the recipe exactly except I sprinkled choped pecans on top because I had 1/2 a pkg left. I will definitely make this again. Made for Market tag 2007

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Lavender Lynn November 25, 2007

Wonderful recipe! Very crispy yet easy to bite into. I used half toasted almonds and half pecans. I also used 3/4 lb. nuts and that seemed to be plenty. This will be the recipe I use for toffee for now on!

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cookiedog March 01, 2007

This makes up a great non-dairy english toffee if you use Willow Run's margarine instead of butter. My brother was able to have it for the first time ever and loved it. Mom likes it also, but prefers it without the chocolate on top. It definitely made it's way into my cookbook. Thank you!

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Blue Dragon June 27, 2011
English Toffee