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Delicious and easy, just the kind of holiday treat I like!! I made this last night and the smell was to die for. But this morning, the taste, oh it was even better (is that possible? I don't know, but it is sweet browned butter with chocolate, what could be better than that?!?) I started using my thermometer, but once the sugar and butter got close to the right color, it was easy to see the changes in shade and I just took the thermometer out because it was in my way. I sprinkled the almonds (sliced) over the top of the melted semi-sweet chocolate chips I used (definitely not a whole cup of nuts, about 1 cup of regular chocolate chips). I found that if you never put the toffee in the fridge (everything in them can sit at room temperature, even the butter), they don't sweat and they set up just fine. I spread my toffee on tin foil to cool and clean up was a breeze. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I want to try mixing the nuts in with the toffee, and I think I'll give it a go tonight.

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Mommy2two December 22, 2011

This was a great toffee, but I think the high setting was much too hot. I reached 305 degrees within 7-8 minutes. I made a second batch using medium to medium high heat and it provided a slower more predictable acceleration. I made one batch with hersheys and the other using dark chocolate. I used chopped pecans and they turned out great.

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greenlove00 January 15, 2007

Just made these last night. Wonderful! So glad the color was mentioned in the directions--much easier and less stressful than using a thermometer. I used pecans instead of almonds and also put the leftover pecans on top of the chocolate. Wonderful flavor and so easy to do. May have to make these outside of the Christmas season!

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ConnieBCooks December 23, 2012

OMG! THE BEST TOFFEE! RAVE REVIEWS AND COMMENTS. I am not just saying this because Nimz in my SIL. This is absolutely fantastic. Very easy to make. I had never made toffee before. Will never buy toffee again. I did not have Hershey bars, so I use the mini semi-sweet chocolate chips instead and put my almonds on top! THANK YOU, NIMZ! Love you!

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KandiMac December 19, 2009

I actually like these better than Skor bars! Very good, and buttery. The first time I made these I did burn the bottom of my pan, so the next time I only had the burner on high until it came to a rolling boil, then switched to medium heat. They really do keep best in the fridge as they sweat a little out of the fridge, but are still good. I will be making these all the time! Thanks for posting!

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sweetcakes December 17, 2009

Very Easy to make & yummy! The only thing I would do differently is to melt the chocolate & spread it over the toffee. I can't wait to make it again!

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Frugal chef December 22, 2007

Wowza. My search is over, this is a keeper! So easy and I agree with other reviewers--the color is the key to timing. I ended up removing the candy thermometer too. Next time I'll double the recipe. I used a 12x9x1 pan and would prefer the toffee a little thicker. I'll try dark chocolate as I think it'll set a little firmer. As is, however, it's still fabulous. Thanks for the recipe, Nimz!

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Kate B. November 26, 2014

I let this cook a little bit longer and it gave it a slight burned sugar flavor, like creme brûlée. It was so good! I will definitely make this again!

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JeanT February 26, 2014

Just finished making 2 double batches. I did not have a candy thermometer so I watched for color. It took me about 15 min. I didn't want it to burn so I had the heat lower. One batch was plain and I toasted pecans and put them on the pan first for the other batch. I poured mine on a silpat and it worked perfectly. Easy fool proof recipe! *delicious*

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Pumpkin's Cookin' December 21, 2012

Wonderful -- thank you! I've been trying several different toffee recipes over the past couple of days. They are are generally the same ingredients, but yours is the only one that indicated that I need to be looking for a color. All others said "heat to 290 degrees" -- no color, no time, just the temp. I had been doing that, and I had kept ending up with gooey, soft, taffy like stuff. This time, I kept the thermometer in the drawer (which I know is risky when making candy) and just looked for the color. I did turn down the heat slightly (after the initial boil) as other reviewers had suggested. And now.. I have wonderful crunchy toffee sitting in my fridge! Thanks so much! The husband will be in for a big surprise to find that I actually got it this time!

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Birkkae September 26, 2012
English Toffee