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This a great recipe. I am British andI think that Jimmy Dean is the closest yet I have found to British sausages. I also do not roll the pastry thin. Puff pastry in the UK is puffy and not rolled. If you roll it thin you might use regular pastry like Betty Crocker. Thanks for sharing.

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Britgal December 08, 2009

My husband, who is scottish, loves these. I make them sometimes with bulk sausage, but even easier is to make them with skinless breakfast sausage links. If you're adding onion to your bulk sausage, I would suggest grating it rather than chopping to avoid raw-ish onion bits. Thanks for posting!

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MaryBeth13 January 17, 2009

Being English, isolated in the US for 14 years, anything that reminds me of home and growing up is heaven. This recipe (apart from ready made pastry) is 100% authentic. I use either chub sausage (Jimmy Dean lite) or store made sweet Italian bulk sausage. The chub is more authentic as English sausage meat is fine ground compared to Italian sweet. But your taste/preference is whats important and I often make both!!

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keeft September 29, 2009
English Sausage Rolls