Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 20 mins

This is a modification of English Mustard #70193. When I had originally tried that, it was still quite watery, so I changed the amounts of mustard seeds and powder. I also added some other spices and such, to give it a bit more flavor. Use any color (brown, yellow, black) mustard seeds you wish. I end up making a batch about every three weeks or so because it doesn't last long in my house! Be warned that this is VERY HOT AND SPICY. Tastes great on ham or pork.

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  1. Toast the mustard seeds in a small dry pan (I use a cast iron pan) over medium heat, shaking occasionally, until the seeds start to pop. Remove from heat and tip the seeds into a mortar and pestle and crush them a few times. (If you don't have a mortar and pestle, tip them into a bowl and use the back of a spoon to crush them).
  2. In a glass or pottery bowl, blend the crushed mustard seeds, mustard powder and water thoroughly and let stand for 20 minutes. (You can drink the remaining beer while you're waiting!).
  3. Add the cayenne pepper, tumeric powder and salt. Stir to combine, then add the honey, vinegar and beer.
  4. If the mixture seems too thin, add up to one more tablespoon of mustard powder to help thicken it.
  5. Pour mustard into a small jar, cover and refrigerate for 2 to 3 days before using to let the flavors combine.
  6. Enjoy!


Most Helpful

Oooooo--it's h-h-hot! But VERY good. I've had it on a cheese melt, chicken and tomato sandwich and also tried incorporating it in a salad dressing. It overwhelmed the salad, I fear, but on the sandwich it was perfect!

echo echo November 14, 2007

A very nice alternative way of making English mustard - more like an Ancienne French mustard but with ale (beer) instead of wine! Excellent, and I KNOW my mustards! Thanks for posting, FT:-)NB: This mustard IS hot as CulinaryQueen says - so omit the cayenne pepper if you think it may tamper with your taste buds!!!!!!!

French Tart July 19, 2007

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