English Muffins (Bread Machine Method).

Total Time
3hrs 20mins
Prep 3 hrs
Cook 20 mins

When I landed on this recipe while surfing the web, I had to try it. I'm so glad it did. They are delicious. Tip I: The dough should be soft but not sticky. It took me two attempts to get that just right. Tip II: I posted the recipe as written. After, several batches, I don't press the dough into a rectangle anymore. I divide it into eight equal pieces and pat each piece into a 1/2" thick round. Then, turn each round in dish of cornmeal.

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  1. Put ingredients in the machine in the order listed.
  2. Start the dough cycle.
  3. When the cycle is finished.
  4. Sprinkle corn meal over your work area.
  5. Use your hands to pat the dough into a 1/2 inch thick rectangle.
  6. Turn the dough so that each side gets lightly coated with cornmeal.
  7. Cut into 8 to 10 rounds.
  8. An empty large tuna can works well When you run out of dough gather up the trimmings and cut more rounds.
  9. Place the rounds on a baking sheet, cover and let rise for 20- 30 minutes--until not quite double.
  10. Heat a dry cast iron skillet or griddle over a low flame.
  11. (I do spray mine with Pam).
  12. Cook the muffins about 5 to 7 minutes on each side.
  13. They should be golden brown when you turn them.
  14. Split the muffins with a fork or serrated knife and serve warm.
  15. These freeze well and can be reheated in the microwave or toasted.


Most Helpful

This is the third time I've made this recipe, and I've figured out a few issues, so I am ready to review. This has become a household staple for us. A few things that work for me: A bit more flour may need to be added to get the dough to a soft but not too sticky consistancy. (I find I need to add an extra tablespoon and a half or so). I pat the dough out on a cutting board "flour"ed with corn meal and cut it out with a large egg/pancake ring. I cut 2 cookie sheet sized pieces of parchment paper into 6 pieces each, and place each cut out english muffin dough round on a square of parchment paper before letting them rise. When it comes time to turn the dough onto a hot skillet to cook it, all you need to do is lift each muffin with the parchment paper, and flip it over right into the pan/skillet, then peel off the parchment paper from the top. Before I started doing this, I found I would lose most of the rise when trying to lift the proofed dough off the cookie sheet so I could get it into the pan. After cooking I let them each cool on cookie racks, use a fork to split them (not the whole way through) and freeze them. Just thaw and toast. Delicious recipe..Thank you!

LadyKatarina August 08, 2009

Just made this recipe...
I made it exactly as written, however, my cutter was a little big...after cooking on the griddle, I popped them in a 350 Deg oven for 8 minutes just to make sure they were cooked through...
They came out WONDERFUL....this is my new favorite english muffin recipe...Thanks for sharing it...!!~

jenniferlynne11 May 14, 2011

My family loves these english muffins!!! They're so easy to make and taste delicious. They also freeze really well. I always make a couple of batches at a time and freeze some. The first time I made these, I made 8, but I found those to be a little too big. So now I make 12 out of one batch. I use 2 cups of whole wheat flour and 1 cup of white. I also make some with 1 t. of cinnamon and 1 cup of raisins. Those are our favorites! Never buying english muffins again!

momofM&M March 02, 2011

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