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These were very good! They look just like the muffins you buy in stores, but taste much better. I found these very easy to prepare, if time consuming. I let the dough mix in my bread machine. Since I was unable to buy plain gluten, I used all bread flour (which already contains high gluten). This worked out quite well. Note: these bake in the skillet on top of the stove, just like pancakes.

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HeatherFeather February 07, 2004

I LOVE Thomas' Light English Muffins & used to have one daily...then I read the ingredients list and decided to see what options I had. I tried this recipe mostly due to its high fiber and protein content. I followed the recipe exactly, using my bread machine, except for the ascorbic acid which I didn't add. They were easy to make & cook. These didn't turn out as light & airy as the Thomas' but they are VERY good. I froze most of them and they are quick & easy to defrost in the microwave, toast & top with jelly or PB for a breakfast on the go. My daughter MUCH prefers these over the store bought ones. I will definitely be making these again. Thanks for sharing!

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LillyZackMom September 30, 2010

Oh my goodness!! These are SOO good!! I'm cooking them as I type, I snuck one to taste, and it's awesome!! I'm taking them to a tea party tomorrow, I can't wait for everyone to try....you'll never buy these again! I skipped the asorbic acid and I used rice milk and Earth Balance Margarine. I also rolled the dough out and used a biscuit cutter to give a more uniform shape. I dusted them with cornmeal as well. They are really great, thank you so much!

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theAmateurPastryChef December 21, 2007

i veganised these by using soy milk, earth balance non-hydrogenated margarine, and N-R-gy egg replacer. the gluten i used had vit. c in it. i don't know how different they were from the original recipe but they were quite tasty, nonetheless.

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uberhausfrau November 12, 2007

Wow! I'll never buy English Muffins again. I used King Arthur White Wheat Flour and upped the yeast to 1 T. since I don't use a bread machine. I didn't have the ascorbic acid, but I can't imagine how they could have come out any better. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Vinca February 11, 2007

Dear Jenny, thankyou thankyou for sharing this great recipe. I am living in Argentina, and as far as I can tell there are no English Muffins to be bought in this country, so the recipe was a godsend. I did it all with white flour (whole wheat flour is just a little easier to find than english muffins), and ommitted the vit. c. At first I was worried because it didn't really look like the dough was rising properly, but they came out perfect, and were a HUGE hit with my family and my expat coworkers. I'll be making these again soon.

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luisawoods July 07, 2008

My first time making English muffins, I had a great time making these and the results were just wonderful! Light, tender, crunchy on the outside, great flavor. Jenny's not kidding, compared to these, the store bought versions are hockey pucks. I used the bread machine and all bread flour. They would be fabulous with whole wheat, I'll try that next time. It took me a couple to get the hang of it, best when moved very carefully from the cookie sheet to skillet so they don't fall. Thanks, Jenny, for a great recipe!

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LonghornMama February 27, 2005
English Muffins