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This may be a work in progress, but what great work. I needed to make some of these as can't find them here in Beijing so came to Zaar on a search. The minute I saw this one by Galley Winch knew it had to be the one as all your recipes are the BEST. Lacking some basic equipment - such as rolling pin and rings - I cut the recipe in half to see how it would turn out. Wish I'd made the whole thing now as they are sooooo good with just the right texture and that nice inside you expect from English Muffins. To cut the rounds I used a coffee cup (also don't have a round cutter) and afraid patting it out by hand, they were a little on the HUGE side - next time I'll have a better idea on size. But this mile high, huge muffins taste great and DH was so pleased he's making Breakfast Sandwiches out of them while I'm typing this. Now we're GLAD they don't have them here in Beijing as these are so much better than any we've ever bought. Plus I have the added benefit of all the praise for having made them by hand. Thanks GW for making me look so good.

11-8-20012 As an update, I've made this several times since the first and they are always good. I'm currently living in Trinidad and haven't been able to find English Muffins so DH put a request for homemade ones - as usual I turned to these and now we have a freezer full that will last us awhile. Again had to use a coffee cup and my rings are home in the States so not as pretty and uniform - but OMG the taste is great.

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Bonnie G #2 November 08, 2012

I was glad I selected this recipe to try for ZWT6. I made a full batch and froze the extras in bags of 4. The ones I've pulled from the freezer have been terrific. I have served with Norwegian Baked Cheese Omelette and also made breakfast sandwiches. The dough is a little softer than I am used to & does rise quite a bit resulting in plumper english muffins, but the taste is 5 star and the texture is terrific! Thank you for sharing the recipe! :-)

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Susie D July 01, 2010

These were so much fun to make!! I halved the recipe and they turned out perfect! The dough never did double while rising, it rose about a 1/4, but the muffins rose beautifully while cooking. Thanks for sharing your great recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview March 29, 2014
English Muffins