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Yummmm! I had a whole bag of large mandarines that only I seemed to be eating, so I used 5 of those in place of 1 large orange. I didn't put in the cognac but for the rest, it was all simple and very very tasty. I have german Gluhwine and it tastes different to this: both are good! This is very drinkable but of course you have to remember that the basis of the recipe IS Port, so you will feel your few sips too many rather sooner than later LOL. I poured mine into glasses for the photo but we then shared it out further after the photo was made and each drank half the amount... and that suited everyone better because we hadn't eaten such a big meal for dinner. If served with a massive roast dinner on the other hand, and relaxed sipping slowly over a good cheeseboard and dessert, I have no doubt that a bigger glass would be easier to put away and enjoyably too. Please see my rating system: 4 excellent stars for a tangy but mallow, easy to drink Digestif that is excellent on any cold evening. Thanks!

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kiwidutch April 08, 2008

I have not made this yet, but it looks just like some Gluvine (sp?) Glog that I had at a German festival. And it was wonderful!! I have also made some spiced wine that is very similar to this, but your recipe looks better. I really like the idea of cognac! Yummmmm!! Do you have any idea how one could bottle this for a gift? I have a friend that would love it, but doesn't have the time to cook.

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AZAofMirkwood January 27, 2008
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