End of the Summer Harvest Tomato Sauce

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Total Time
12hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 12 hrs

Harvesting the remainder of the tomatoes, zucchinis, yellow squash and cherry tomatoes before a reported frost had me scrambling a bit. I figured on making sauce but needed a bit more, so this came out a chunky, vigorous sauce for dinner and for freezing. I also used fresh herbs, basil, oregano, and chives to add spunk. Dried herbs can be subbed. Season to your taste. This is a basic sauce.

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  1. Add all ingredients to crock pot and put on low 6 hours.
  2. Then mash with potato masher and cook on low for 6-8 more hours.
  3. Add more seasonings to taste at his point.
  4. FOR FREEZING- put into freezer containers and freeze.
  5. I do not add meat at this point, I add meat when reheating for dinner.
  6. Notice: I do not skin tomatoes, as I mash them in the sauce.
  7. For a smoother sauce when cool and before freezing run through a sieve or a blender, then put into freezer containers.
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Chef1MOM~Connie, you described this as "basic sauce". <br/>No it's not ...... It is a wonderful ingredient..... Its a base sauce! .... Not basic ;-) It is just perfect!<br/>I have made this a few times (and forgot to review) and it is just perfect for using up the last of the harvest.<br/>I followed the recipe, but as you stated.......added fresh basil, oregano, chives and zucchini, and the second time capsicum and the third mushroom's! All worked so well.<br/>I think you could use what you wanted "Well within reason that is ".<br/>It is just the perfect tomato based sauce to start of any recipe that needs a tomato base.<br/>Ohh! And may I add .... It does freeze so very well also, I froze different ones and have been using as a base to a lot of my Italian recipe's!<br/>Wonderful recipe "Connie"...... Thanks.