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I'm so glad I tried this! I only had golden raisins, so used those and actually increased the amount a bit. I also added a bit more tomato paste and apple juice to have a bit of juice to pour over my enchiladas while they baked. This is a wonderful low calorie, low fat meal. Thanks for sharing!

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breezermom August 20, 2011

I really enjoyed these. i was afraid it wouldnt be enough for a meal but i actually felt full (dh didnt agree with me there though) great for lunches will make again

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Sakeenah January 14, 2007

Fantastic. I resisted the urge to leave out the raisins (as I generally do not like them) and I'm glad that I did because they were really good in this. Love the sweetness with the smokey flavor as well as the tartness of chard. Great combo. Only wish that there was a sauce to put on top of the enchaladas. Not exactly traditional, but great none the less. Hubby was a bit scared of chard with liquid smoke, but loved it when completed. This was our first time using liquid smoke and it seems to be the perfect amount. Thanks for posting this, we will make it again, only we'll be making extra sauce next time to cover it up.

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VegSocialWorker January 14, 2006

You should have heard BF moaning with delight as we ate this! Unusual, but absolutely delicious enchiladas. We did make a larger quanity of the sauce because we wanted to pour sauce over them, which was lovely. I didn't have apple juice concentrate, so I just used a nice strong unfiltered organic apple juice, which I felt worked just fine. I really thought the liquid smoke was wonderful in this- I am always sort of fearful of recipes that use it since we tried to make a salmon and cream cheese spread and added just way too much... anyway, the amount in the recipe was perfect. These were light and creamy and absolutely delicious. I used monteray jack for the cheese, whole wheat flour tortillas and I actually opted to add chili powder rather than the tobasco. We especially loved the raisins. Really wonderful, definitely something I would make again... and based on how much BF loved these, I think he will insist upon it! Thanks, Sharon!

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Roosie May 14, 2005
Enchiladas With Barbecued Greens