Enchilada Sauce Best Ever!

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

The basic recipe is from a mexican restaurant but I have changed it over the years to make the "ultimate Enchilada Sauce". We use the same sauce on our poutine. Our friends beg me for the recipe! We have also used it as a dip for bbq chicken.

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  1. Melt butter or margarine until just melted them remove from heat.
  2. add chili powder oregano garlic powder coriander salt pepper cumin into melted butter and stir till well mixed together.
  3. return to heat and stir.
  4. once hot add flour to the butter mixture and mix until flour is mixed with the butter. You should not see any white from the flour.
  5. Add the chicken bouillon cubs just before adding the water.
  6. Add the water a cup at a time and whisk until smooth.
  7. repeat this step until all the water is used and the sauce is smooth.
  8. for a thicker sauce use less water or a thinner sauce use more water.
  9. once smooth add the can of tomato sauce and whisk again till well blended.
  10. Add six tablespoons Ketchup and stir.
  11. simmer on low heat until until ready to use.
Most Helpful

OMG! I’m new to Recipezaar and this is the first recipe I tried out. Brought leftovers to work and drove my coworker’s nuts with the smell. Love, love, loved it.

checkergirl July 07, 2010

I tried this recipe for the first time tonight, IT IS GREAT! I looked over the reviews and was really shocked at the review from Katchick, perhaps her flour was old or something and didn't thicken. I'm a Mexican food freak and this one really makes the grade....way to go and thanks for adding this recipe, I plan to make more in the morning and see how it freezes.

ann1363 January 16, 2010

Not sure where Katchick went wrong but we loved this recipe. No issues with the water as it simmered down and made a nice thick sauce (not to thick though) I'v made the recipe a few time already and would suggest it to anyone. If you are worried about the water as Katchick's review stated, cut back on the amount of water, again I had no issues.

Foodlover181 October 17, 2008