Enchilada Sauce

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This is a recipe that my husbands Uncle learned from his Mom who migrated from Mexico to the States. Which is now being taught to the 'younger' generation to continue the authentic heritage of the Mexican heritage. I will be posting the different types of filling separately. The oil, tortillas and water are all estimates.

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Wow, this was good! It was a tad messy with removing the skins of the boiled peppers, but it was worth it all the way (I made sure to remove the stems and seeds prior to boiling, though)! When I make my own enchilada sauce, it tends to be the tomatillo-based version. When I need red enchilada sauce, I usually just open a can of La Victoria. What a difference this recipe made! It wasn't terribly spicy (I used 2/3 anchos, 1/3 guajillos because that's what I found at the market), but it was very fresh and almost fruity tasting. To thin the sauce, I just used the reserved cooking water from the peppers rather than plain water (figured that the chili-pepper flavored water could only make it better). I only had 28-oz cans of tomatoes, so I opted for a couple of large fresh peeled tomatoes instead. I may just forego the canned tomatoes for this from now on. I didn't think to measure it out, but it made a pretty big batch (probably enough for me to make two pans of enchiladas out of one batch of sauce). You (we?LOL) made my Mexican DH very happy with this one, thanks for posting!

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  1. One way is to boil your pods till they fall apart.
  2. The second way is to bust the top off shake out as many seeds as you can then boil them till they fall apart. I use this way, less seeds to sift through.
  3. When your pods are done cooking drain them from the water.
  4. Separate the 'meat' from the skin and seeds, keep the 'meat'.
  5. Throw the meat, stewed tomatoes, water and garlic into a food processor and blend till it is a sauce. Add more water till you like the consistency.
  6. Place sauce in a frying pan that is bigger than your tortillas.
  7. Boil it.
  8. In another frying pan bigger than your tortillas add a little bit of your grease heat it and put one tortilla in it just long enough to coat and heat your tortilla (This is a quick process and HOT, do NOT burn yourself!).
  9. Then turn your sauce down to a low simmer and place your tortilla in it, flip it over take it out.
  10. Lay your tortilla out you can fill it right away or allow it to cool. It depends on how brave your fingers are.
  11. Keep repeating this process till you run out of tortillas or you run out of sauce adding oil to the pan as you need to.
  12. Fill with your ingredients from "Cheese, Cheese Onion, Beef & Cheese Enchilada Filling Recipe #165663".
  13. Fold over twice.
  14. Place in greased cake pan when full cover with cheese and bake till hot and the cheese is melted.
  15. Bake time depends on when you cook it right away or later on.
  16. If you run out of room in your cake pan you can use another pan (and more dishes) or just stack the extra ones on top of the others being sure to put cheese on the first layer before you add the second layer.
  17. Serve.

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