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Really good. I made a much larger tart than it recommended. The corners were very crusty/bready, but I seved with guacamole and dipped the bready parts in the guacamole. Didn't use canned chiles but roasted Fresno chile I had on hand; green enchilada sauce, as that's our preference; used a ball of pizza dough from local market's pizzeria. Will make again, may add more heat. 5/19/13 made again, added some shredded carrot & orange pepper (leftover from another recipe) when sauteing the onion. used homemade green enchilada sauce, 1 roasted poblano, 1 roasted Serrano for chiles, had perfect heat. Did a round tart & made it on the pizza stone, rolledit just larger than the stone, then added thetoppings. round really evened out the bready places, was beautiful. Now I'm certain this is a keeper.

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LaraKN May 19, 2013

We liked this, but thought that it needed more flavor. In the future, I would add more seasoning to the filling or the enchilada sauce.

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Ms B. February 03, 2007
Enchilada Chicken Tart