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Wow - what can I say that hasn't already been said before? This was absolutely delicious. Rather than 8 small hot pepper, I used 1 jalapeno and a handful of dried hot chili peppers. The heat was perfect. I also added 1 large diced red bell pepper. Other than that, I made this exactly as posted, using 1/4 cup cornstarch in the marinade and 1/2 cup to coat the chicken. Raves all around! Served this with jasmine rice. Made for ZWT6.

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JackieOhNo! June 30, 2010

My son picked this recipe for me to make, and I'm so glad he did! It is delicious. There was a hint of heat, but not too much. A perfect treat for my weekend meal. Made for Culinary Quest Summer 2014. Thanks for sharing!

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breezermom September 06, 2014

The Chinese restaurant is a two hour drive from my home and after making mostly stir fries this felt just like eating out. I left out the hot peppers,so DDs can enjoy it as well too (they prefered the chicken without the sauce). I wish zaar had more than five stars,because this one is getting ten. What a great way to end ZWT6. It was the last recipe for me and also the best one. Did I mention that DH was so quiet while eating it? He's really a talker,but when something this yummy comes up I don't hear a peep out of him.

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littlemafia July 02, 2010

This dish was absolutely incredible! I served it for kids as well as a adults, so had to cut back the heat- instead of hot peppers I used basic green bell peppers, and it turned out really well! The fried chicken was crispy and perfectly coated- all around a huge hit!

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Allie January 26, 2016

So good! I didn't know it was so simple to make a good Chinese restaurant type dish at home! Thanks so much for posting :-)

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SarahLynn June 04, 2015

My family really enjoyed this. Like a small number of other reviewers, I had a little trouble with the sauce thickening too fast, so I had to add water. But it was still quite good. I used soy sauce, because when I first look over the recipe, I didn't see tamari until after I started cooking (I saw soy sauce and went with that). But I think this would have made a much better presentation if I had used tamari as I think it would give the dish a much deeper color than that reflected in the photo I took. But I don't think I could do anything to improve on the wonderful taste of this dish. It's definitely a "keeper". Thanks, Charmie777. Made for 2014 Culinary Quest (China).

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NorthwestGal September 05, 2014

Delicious and relatively easy.

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mab122 March 06, 2011

Totally yummy! I had never had Empress Chicken but it is definitely a family favorite now! I made it as directed - almost. :) I'm a complete heat wimp and when I saw the amount of Jalapenos I knew I'd have to cut it back. I used only two but had hot pepper flakes ready in case I wanted a bit more zing. Not necessary for our tastes. Two were just perfect for us. Thanks Charmie for a meal that will be a regular here! Made on behalf of the Loonie Spoon Phoodies - ZWT6

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K9 Owned June 28, 2010

This looked liked a lot of work when I skimmed over the recipe but it was surprisingly very easy and oh so good!. Chinese food in NYC is really bad unless you go to a 5 star places. This chicken was 10 stars. The sauce was lovely and the chicken in the cornstarch didn't come out heavy or anything. I actually forgot to cut the chicken tenders into pieces but they were really good in strips. I would of normally served this over rice but we ate dim sum with this so I just served over fresh peppers with extra sauce. The only thing I did was replace the sugar with a smaller amount of honey and a little less soy but thats only because of my diet. Thanks Charmie for a new family recipe made for ZWT 6 by a fellow Looney Spoon :)

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Jamilahs_Kitchen June 03, 2010

This is a wonderful recipe that we will repeat often. I did use the lessor amount of cornstarch in the sauce and the result was a tangy, sweet and spicy, perfectly thickened sauce that coated the chicken just right. I added a diced green pepper and used 1 healthy tsp of Indian style extra hot pepper flakes because I had no hot peppers in the house. It was smokin' hot and we loved every fire breathing bite! I have to say this dish surpasses most of the Asian restaurants I have eaten at. I thought a light garnish of toasted sesame seeds might be good as well. Thanks so much for sharing a real keeper. Made for the Asian region of ZWT6 :)

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Brenda. June 01, 2010
Empress Chicken