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These were good, but the flavor needs a bit of a punch. Next time, will try going a bit heavier on the spices in the meat. I didn't add the breadcrumbs, as it seemed like it might be a bit too much based on other reviews. The pastry was unlike any I've had in empanadas before, but was flaky and very good. Instead of rolling the dough, I used a tortilla press, which makes perfectly round circles in no time at all. With a bit of tweaking for our taste, this is a recipe we'll try again. Thanks for posting! Made for Spring PAC 2013.

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Jostlori April 16, 2013

We loved the meat but wasnt crazy about the crust. I subsituted small chopped potatoes for the bread that I fried with the meat and then added 1/2 of a 6oz can of tomato paste as it seemed like it needed something else. I will be making the meat again minus the empanada shell.

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a-torres April 30, 2010

They would have turned out fine until we added the bread crumbs.... this led to it being way too bread crumby for our taste. I think if we would have left them out it would have been much better. Besides that a great recipe. The shell was very good though. I would suggest adding salsa rice cheese and refried beans to the meat, we did this and it turned out fantastic!

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charra April 03, 2010

I remember making this recipe over a year ago. These were delicious. That tumeric left my fingernails yellow for a week, but it was worth it. My dad asked me to make them again for our rather untraditional Thanksgiving. I scoured recipezaar to find this one recipe because I think it is the best one! Thank you! Delicious!

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pondspeak November 07, 2009

I'm only giving this 4 stars because I didn't use the recipe for the pastry. I wanted something simple to put together so I used a box of 'Jiffy' pie crust mix. (bad idea)I fried them and found the pastry very greasy. I had a lot of filling left over so I used egg roll wrappers for the rest. I wrapped them like an egg roll and fried for about 3 minutes. Yum :-) The filling was great. I love to experiment with different spices and this is a great way to use curry powder. The only thing was that the recipe didn't tell what to do with the bread crumbs and water so I just added it into the meat mixture after it had cooled down a bit. We put a little hot sauce on them, but I think I'm going to search for a good homemade sauce for dipping these. Thanks for a great recipe :-)

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afghanmom November 27, 2007
Empanadas De Carne (Meat Empanadas)