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Cook 20 mins

Taken from Emeril's Creole Christmas Cookbook --- I have made it in the past with great results it's a great sauce to use on pies, bread puddings and cake slices --- can use half white and brown sugar.

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  1. In a small heavy-bottomed saucepan combine sugar and water; bring the mixture to a boil, stirring often.
  2. Cook stirring occasionally until the mixture is a deep caramel color and has the consistency of a thin syrup (about 10-15 minutes) remove from heat and stir in the whipping cream; return saucepan to high heat and boil the sauce until it regains the consistency of a thick syrup (about 2 minutes); cool.
  3. The sauce can be refrigerated until ready to use (allow it to reach room temperature before drizzling).


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Sorry for the low rating and it may be all my fault but my sugar turned into a very crusty white solid mess and it wasn't salvagable. When it says "cook", does that mean over low heat, medium heat, medium low? I did try adding the whipping cream in hopes that maybe it would all melt again but it didn't and there were burnt pieces floating up to the top. The recipe calls for it to "cook" for 10 to 15 minutes and mine was ruined at 10 minutes - not sure what went wrong but if it was my fault, please correct me and let me know how I can fix this. I have a caramel drizzle recipe (uses brown sugar)that I already use but was looking for something a little lighter and I thought this might have been it.

Happyhourcuptails November 09, 2011

Thanks Kittencal! I wish I could give this more stars to bring up the average -- the other two reviewers must not have prepared it correctly.

One thing I will add is to let the mixture boil the entire time (you are trying to evaporate the water to leave the sugar to caramelize). Make sure to let it get really brown before adding the whipping cream. Also, if it gets crispy / crusty with the cream, it will redissolve upon boiling.

pharmd14 June 24, 2011

This recipe is not that bad. It does fail to mention that it does not become a sauce consistency until it fully cools. While on the burner it will not become like a thick syrup. It will after it cools though. I used half brown sugar/half white suguar it worked well. I did need to boil much longer than it suggested though.

ekmaurer3 September 18, 2009

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