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Very tasty beans! I prepared this in a pressure cooker. I halved the recipe and used only 2 cups of water and cooked it half an hour on high pressure. After that, I added the sausage and cooked some more to reduce the liquid. Really good!

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rosslare June 11, 2011

Came back from NOLA from a vacation centered around all of the NO foods I love. I ate red beans and rice from the Praline Connection (off Frenchman) 3 times because it was sooo good. When I came home I went thru withdrawls. These taste just like the ones I had over there. I made them twice in one week to kill my craving. One recommendation is to use converted rice (Uncle Ben's) for your rice portion in this recipe to keep it authentic. Oh and I don't add the salt, hock, or sausage until the beans have cook for at least one hour. Salt can sometimes mess with the tenderness of the beans if added too soon. thanks for the recipe!

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GinaCucina November 19, 2010

This was so good! I just made chicken stock the day before and was looking for something to try it out with. I used about 2 cups chicken stock and the rest water. I had half the beans so I did about 5 cups of liquid but it was not enough and even after adding a couple more cups here and there it still came out kinda dry. So next time I will start with more water. Used Tony Chacherie's for the salt and didn't add it or the Polska beef sausage until it had been cooking about an hour.

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Skylar April 01, 2012

"oh yeah, this is it!" is 1 million % right!!! THIS IS OUTSTANDING!! As good if not better than some of the spots in the French Quarter. My boyfriend and i went to N.O. for the weekend for the NFC Championship game and we ate this dish A LOT and when we got back to Cali, decided to do a Big Easy Super Bowl party and make some of the "staples"...this was a HIT, everybody raved and most went back for seconds. I followed the recipe EXACTLY, the only thing i added was a tablespoon of worstechire sauce and i used a pound and a half of andouille sausage...that's it. i SCOURED recipezaar looking for an authentic RB&R recipe that would take me to Bourbon St. and beyond and THIS IS IT!! look no further...this is the recipe you want. 10 cups of water sounded like a lot, but it's PERFECT, the exact consistency after about 3 hours-ish of simmering...also, the ham hock, although gross looking, is really key too...don't leave it out 'cause it adds SO much flavor. i can't thank you enough...this is the ONLY Red Beans and Rice recipe i will ever use! :-) WHO DAT!!!!

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fancy-pants February 08, 2010

Red beans, a staple in the lower south and I'm pretty positive loving them has something to do with our genetic engineering. Made these in the crockpot. Another reminder of my 10 reasons I love Recipezaar. Reason #5 Many recipes are adaptable to using the crockpot. I find them attractive and am rather fond of the clever idea of having decorated my entire kitchen around one. : -P

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gailanng December 11, 2009

I made this from the Food Network web site and thought it was the best recipe for red beans! I substituted turkey bacon for the ham, I browned the bacon then removed it from the pan then sautéed the veggies in the rendered fat. I only cooked the beans for a total of 3 hours, I was afraid of it turning into refried beans… LOL. I made this recipe on Thursday night and served it Saturday for a Mardi Gras party. I did add some chicken broth when I reheated the beans.

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Doc's Mom March 01, 2009
Emeril’s New Orleans-Style Red Beans and Rice