Emergency Sweeeeeet Chocolate Fix

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Girl-type comfort food. But guys, don't be afraid to approach! This works almost as well as a tub of ice-cream for drowning ludicrous sorrows, inextricable squabbles, non-existant hunger, unreasonable resentment, immature grumpiness, unnecessary annoyance, and gaaaawwwwd-i-need-chawwwwkklaate syndrome, but only if the instructions are followed carefully. One mistake and the whole thing is ruined!

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  1. Mix the two ingredients well until you can't tell one apart from the other; proceed to step 2.
  2. Grab the nearest spoon, dig in shamelessly, and make those slurpy sounds while licking the spoon; repeat step 1 with the rest of the condensed milk and cocoa powder in your pantry.
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This recipe is Pure Genius, I will always remember you for the rest of my days as a true hero! This is truly a miracle of happiness.

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Oh Anu! This is SINFUL! Very yummy! I enjoyed mixing away until both the Hintz Dutch Processed cocoa powder and the Nestle sweetened condensed milk mixed totally into each other - Marriage in chocolate and milk heaven;-)! This really satisfied my chocolate craving and I welcomed my Mom and Dad's 26th wedding anniversary(at 12am today on 24th Oct'03) with this treat! Thank you for a sweet end to a great day!

Love this recipe!!!Super yum.Super easy.Quickest food I've ever actually liked.