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Easy peasy and delicious. Crunchy kale in mashed potatoes, I loved it!

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Gay Gilmore February 22, 2002

This was the perfect recipe for the organic beet greens, garlic whistles and Egyptian walking onions I purchased at the farmers' market today and I'm happy I found both the Egyptian walking onions and this recipe. Easy directions and equally simple to prepare. You could take this recipe so many different routes. Reviewed for ZWT 2009.

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COOKGIRl June 12, 2009

These were great. I loved being able to get some leafy greens into a food my kids love. They never even mentioned the spinach that I put in there. I added a few cloves of garlic to the boiling water and had to cook a bit longer than stated but it was no biggie. I used about 1 cup of milk, I figured I could always add more milk-couldn't take any out. We will make these again I am sure. Thanks for a keeper.

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Margie99 March 19, 2009

Hey Mirjam, great mashed potatoes!!!I used spinach instead of kale, it was very good and I added about 4 cloves of garlic to the potato water and mashed them into the potatoes. Just one tiny problem, too much milk, could only add about 1 cup, but used a slotted spoon to get all the green goodies out of the rest into the potatoes. Will be making these often, Thanks for sharing a good one. � posted Feb 11, 2002,UPDATE: Did these wonderful mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner, they always go over big for special dinners, everyone loves them, again I used fresh spinach, thanks again for a very good dish!! Oct 14/08 Mirj these are still one of our favourite ways to serve mashed potato!! Always enjoyed by all and always delish!! thanks again for sharing this recipe!! Dec 25/08 here i am again, made for Christmas dinner, they were smash mash hit, enjoyed by all with many seconds!!

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Derf December 30, 2008

The only change I made was to add an extra tablespoon of butter and my potatoes needed to cook for about 35 minutes rather than 25 to be soft enough to mash. This is an excellent dish to get your vitamins, but somehow it didn't quite go over in my house. The taste was okay, though I think it would have been better if I had noticed the part about adding roasted garlic. The texture's a bit odd, maybe I just wasn't expecting the kale to be crunchy and we might get used to it if we try it again. Thanks for posting.

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littleturtle March 24, 2007

This is a great recipe that I encourage everyone to try. The kale just makes the mashed potatoes taste more interesting. It doen't end up tasting like a vegetable dish. The taste is actually quite addictive. Now, I miss kale in my mashed potatoes, if I make the plain old mashed potatoes! Thank you for a wonderful, healthy recipe!!!

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Thursday Next June 13, 2006

i don't normally care for kale but loved it in this. loved the contrasting textures of the kale and smooth potatoes. i also liked the idea of wilting the kale in the same milk that's added to the potatoes and it becomes really aromatic and the flavor really steeps into the milk. i didn't add the green onions into the milk but put mixed it in uncooked. based on the reviews, i erred on the conservative side with the milk, and just added till i got my desired consistency. will be making this again.

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eatrealfood October 20, 2005

With mashed potatoes I have blended carrots, or parsnips, sometimes both, green onion, green or sweet red pepper, even green beans, or spinach..... but I had never blended kale. I can see why you would call them Emerald Mashed Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes you have to chew. Mirj, your recipe was one of three kinds of potatoes prepared and served at my Designer Thanksgiving Dinner. Yes, three kinds of potatoes, because I could not decide which should be used for the meal plan. It was not a difficult decision because in the selection process, three different reasons were applied. I did not use garlic at steps 10 and 11, Mirj; somebody likes garlic, somebody does not like it in potatoes, while others like it anytime, anywhere. To create something for everyone, I decided three kinds of potatoes would be no hardship. Your promise of light, low fat and delicious was good enough for me. Thank you Mirj for helping to make my Designer Thanksgiving Dinner tasty and interesting.

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TOOLBELT DIVA October 12, 2005

My DH was a little less than thrilled that his mashed potatoes were filled with green stuff when I put this on the table :) One bite later, he said these are great. On his second spoonful, he suggested I make these for Thanksgiving! So it was a definite hit at our house. I used spinach & added the garlic suggested by another reviewer. Thanks for sharing your recipe Mirj!

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Susie D November 12, 2004

Nummy mashed potatoes! I actually made a half recipe and only used 2 large russet poatoes, which I left unpeeled. I used frozen spinach as my green, which worked very well. The scallion added great flavor to this- I have never added (nor thought to add) green onion to mashed potatoes before and it just added a wonderful burst of flavor. Like Derf, I think that the full amount of milk called for is a bit too much, but that can vary a lot based on how creamy you like your potatoes and based on the potatoes themselves. I mashed mine quite well with the spinach, so the potatoes themselves did turn green with lovely green flecks. Next time I will Derf's suggestion of adding a couple garlic cloves to the potato cooking water- sounds yummy. This is a great way to kick your mashed potatoes up a notch on both the healthfulness scale and the flavor scale! Thanks for the recipe, Mirj! It's yummy.

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Roosie November 05, 2004
Emerald Mashed Potatoes