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DH enjoyed these fritters last night. He loves cauliflower so this was a nice change from the way I usually make it for him. Made for Ramadan Tag.

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Nasseh September 28, 2008

I loved it! I adore cauliflower, and what could be better than fried cauliflower? :) Seriously, this was a nicely flavored, not greasy jazzed up way to serve an under appreciated vegetable. I even got my husband to eat a couple of helpings. Just remember to eat them as soon as possible after cooking; they don't taste quite as good at room temperature. I will most definitely be making these again. The recipe was simple and everything came together very quickly. Thank you!

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Kay D. February 15, 2006

We liked the taste of these very much... We did have a problem while making them because the recipe originally stated a few spoons of oil, and I know now from Chef Fifi that my photos are not really representitive of the real recipe because of this. For her part, Chef Fifi has now amended the quantity of oil for frying in the recipe, and we would be very glad to make this again sometime and to post new photos when we do :) The flavour is great, a real plus in trying to give cauliflower a better image. DH and I first were going to give this 3 stars due to the difficulty in following the original instructions and the vagueness of the quantities given, but bumped it to 4 due to the flavour, and with new instructions who knows, this has potential to be a 5 star winner one day in the future maybe.Please see my rating system, a 4 star recipe with bags of potential. Thanks !

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kiwidutch February 05, 2006
Em Shaat (Middle Eastern Cauliflower Fritters)