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I made this today and heat processed the jars for storage and gift giving. The yield to be right on target! I processed 1/2 pints for 20 minutes and everything sealed. The recipe never states a yield of 6 quarts. It calls for 6 quarts of raw vegetables. Perhaps Rita misread it. The flavor and texture was reminiscent of my grandnother's chow chow. I only used 4 quarts of vegetables-- so this can be stepped down to make smaller batches successfully. I had 5.5 pints of finished chow chow. Note: for uniformity of texture in the finished product do not use thick or pithy chunks of cabbage or the woody eye of the onion's root end. Thanks for a great relish that I have missed for years!

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Miz Mary August 31, 2006

i used cauliflower,carrots,onion,green peppers one red pepper(what i had)2 jalapenos and cabbage. my first time making it. i tasted a bit and i was really good. i made it for my bestfriend who saw it on the foodnetwork so i thought i'd give it a try!! can't wait for her to try it!

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julie r. March 05, 2009

I did make a couple of changes! I just couldn`t put flour in so I didn`t. I added 1 quart of cauliflower,1 quart of carrots, 2 fresh jalapenos & besides the dry mustard I added mustard seeds. This didn`t make 6 quarts it made only 7 pints of very tasty & pretty relish! I do wish I doubled it!

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Rita~ June 13, 2003
Ella's Chow-Chow