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This recipe is hearty, full-bodied and delicious; I would recommend it to anyone! I returned from a successful elk hunt with more meat than I knew what to do with, so I had a big dinner party. I quadrupled the recipe, eliminated the potatoes from the bourguignon and added mushrooms separately sauteed (in butter and olive oil) and pearl onions separately braised (in olive oil and beef stock). I introduced the mushrooms and pearl onions for the last 30 mins the meat stewed.

I served the bourguignon with roasted potatoes, fresh homemade rosemary bread, sauteed green beans and a salad. Everyone loved the meal, even the usually picky eaters. My only regret is I didn't make more so I could have leftovers.

Two suggestions, put your herbs in a cheesecloth (or a coffee filter) and give yourself more prep time than 45 mins (I had 3 hours of prep time given the portions I was dealing with.


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rterschluse December 29, 2011

Wow thank you Cathy. I used beef and it was a hit with everyone YUM.
Now don't freak out but about 20 mins before serving I added 50g of dark CHOCOLATE and will be adding that secret little oddity again.
Try it you'll see what I mean.
Also I transferred it to a casserole and cooked it in the oven.
Georgeous :-)

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Lee G October 07, 2012

Delicious! Full, rich classic flavor! I skipped the bacon, though it would have been good. It was about 3 hours of simmering before the meat (elk chuck roast) was tender, but luckily I started early and it was well worth it!

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Podkayne August 03, 2010
Elk Stew Bourguignon