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I revised the ingredients to serve 2, so the pepper, garlic and ginger root mixture was so small it didn't even reach the blades of the blender (I don't have a food processor). I had to take the blender apart and scrape that out and mash it up. The flavor of the broth was sooo good and I would have never come up with it own my own. I didn't like the warm cucumbers-something wrong about that. I didn't have a green, red or orange pepper so I substituted celery. Also I used all the garnish vegetables at once and then had leftover broth and no veggies to put with it. My husband likes thicker soups, so he wasn't wild about it but I will definitely make it again - it just feels healthy. Thanks.

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joyceslater May 30, 2010

This soup seems to have a nice flavor to it. I can't wait to try it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

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KatrinaColonista November 01, 2009

MMMMMM! This made a tasty soup. I was not sure where to add the lime juice as it is not clear in the directions- hint hint - So I added it in at the end for a fresh shot! Loved the crispy veggies for a great crunch factor. The broth was very well seasoned and could stand its own against any homemade broth. The zip of the ginger and habanero was amazing yet not overpowering or too hot. They say that spicy/hot increases metabolism and aids in weight loss/control. Kudos there! Wish I had a pic of this but my camera battery was dead. :( Sorry. I will be making this again and hope to remember to snap a pic! Thanks Katie!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) November 14, 2008

Great stuff! I made a small batch for lunch one day with all the veggies and enjoyed it very much. Later I made a BIG batch of the broth and froze it in meal-sized portions. I recently had a sinus infection, and this stuff was a godsend! I nuked it and ate it without the garnish. The spice cleared my sinuses and the broth soothed my throat. I intend to keep some around from here out!

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SweetPeaNC February 02, 2007

I expected this to be good, but it was better than I expected. I went a little light on the ginger and added an extra garlic clove, since I am not a huge fan of ginger. I thought about leaving out the jicama, but I'm glad I didn't, because it was my favorite part! I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with the remaining lime juice after the few drops to loosen the puree, so I squeezed some on each portion at the last minute. I tore the cilantro rather than mincing it (mostly because I didn't feel like chopping anything else, but I liked the way it turned out). The heat level was just perfect--don't be scared of the habanero; my broth really didn't turn out too spicy. I will be making this again soon!

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Ameliahead January 14, 2007

I made a pot of this and ate it over several meals immediately after Christmas. I have zero tolerance of anything hot and spicy, so I replaced the habanero pepper with sweet red pepper and the jicama with finely chopped zucchini. I added 4 cloves of garlic in step 1, and for the stock, I used Chef Kate’s fabulous Roasted Vegetable Stock Roasted Vegetable Stock, which is really worth having on hand in the freezer, as it brings very rich additional flavours to any recipe. A very tasty soup: thank you for sharing this recipe, katie!

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bluemoon downunder December 29, 2005

I was making this thinking it would taste horrible, but it was actually pretty good. I couldn't find a jicama so I used a turnip and I used vegetable broth. I didn't think I'd like cucumber in soup so I left it out. I was scared the broth would be too hot because of the habanero, but it was just right. This soup is suprisingly good.

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hottpepper August 19, 2005
Elixir Cleanse Soup