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We liked this last night for dinner, but the panko being soggy didn't appeal. We all have our tastes, and anyone who is familiar with Sharon's recipes knows she is a fantastic cook! So we just scraped it off! How easy was that? Otherwise we liked the flavor, although Hubby wanted tartar sauce, haha. Nothing like thinking American when you're eating Asian! :) Thanks Diva Sharon!

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Chef PotPie May 21, 2010

Very good. We divided everything in half to serve 3 people -- more than enough using 1 pound of salmon. I used low sodium soy sauce and didn't find this dish too salty as another reviewer suggested. Served with mixed veggies. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ October 16, 2009

This was unique to say the least. At first bite I wasn't quite sure what to think. Squeezed some lemon on top, which I think is just what was needed to make a cohesive entree. To make something using panko that is not meant to be crunchy was a unique concept, but it worked. I used Siracha sauce instead of chili paste. Only complaint is that it is quite salty, but that is to be expected with the ingredients. Interesting.

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Vicki in CT August 12, 2009
Eli's Asian Salmon