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I really really enjoyed this recipe. I actually didn't make it, my mother did, but I had put this in my "Chicken Dish" cookbook a long time ago and just never had the chance to make it. Anyway, my mother wanted to make something and have us over, so I offered up this recipe. And am I glad I did! I loved the combination of flavors from all the spices and the freshness of the carrots, celery, avacado, and almonds. My mom made using chicken breasts and turkey tenderloins and both were very tasty. The only thing that caused this to be a 4 star recipe was that I think there was a bit too much black pepper. I love pepper, but I think that the flavor came out too strong. Other then that, it was a superb meal and will be added to "My Familie's Favorites" cookbook. Thanks for an awesome dish!

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StrikingEyes00 August 15, 2007

Really, really good. Served up to special company and it was a hit. Easy and straightforward to prepare. Used sherry instead of white wine, and used toasted slivered almonds. The avocado is especially pleasant here. I made 4 breasts of chicken but kept everything else the same. Served a few asparagus spears alongside that were baked in lemon juice. Perfect. Another keeper.

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woodland hues June 10, 2006

Well, my picky Japanese friend really enjoyed this good dish! I substituted sherry for white wine and used fresh ground ginger rather than powdered. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly as it was written, and it was so-o good. Thank you, Susie.

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Stella Mae June 18, 2005

This is just wonderful! I have begun to change some things in this (made it again tonight). I used asparagus tips instead of celery. I added those at 15 minutes of simmer when I flipped the chicken. At the same time, I added some port simmered/soaked raisens. Also-sweet evaporated milk in lieu of half and half. Quite tasty! THANK YOU!

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jill.bouchillon May 16, 2005

This was very delicious!! I used part jasmine and part japanese rice to serve with this recipe and I steamed it with chicken broth and saffron. I didn't have celery but had frozen carrots. I also fried some chopped onions and added it for the simmering. Also, I used evaporated milk instead of half and half and it was still very good!! I took photos of it and sorry I am not great at food presentation but I decided to post them anyways :D Thanks for this recipe!!

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' =^..^= 'Ameera' =^..^= ' March 27, 2005

I made this delicious recipe for my parents anniversary and it was a great hit! It is a very beautiful and easy to make dish.

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mustang girl August 21, 2004

I made this for my family this evening and it was delicious. We all enjoyed it and the chicken was very tender. Will definately make this again!! Thanks for posting this recipe.

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PattyLouise March 21, 2004
Elegant Chicken Avocado