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I tried this on my 79 year old mother the day after she had a migraine and was still feeling a bit 'woozy'. She said it seemed to settle her stomach and she DID seem to recover from that 'weak' feeling more quickly than usual. More impressive was that, after drinking this concoction hourly, all day, she woke during the night and was surprised that her muscles weren't stiff (as they usually are). I looked up electrolytes the next day on the internet and it seems they CAN soothe muscle soreness, so maybe it WAS the drink! Honestly, I can't swear that this was a miracle cure but it seemed to help, gave Mum some comfort, and, unlike medication, if it doesn't help, it certainly doesn't do any harm.

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Kookaburra March 25, 2004

After being sick with the stomach flu all night long, and with no prepared electrolyte replacement drink in the house, I decided to search Zaar to see if anything came up that called for ingredients I had on hand. This was just what I was looking for! I substituted 2T lemon juice for the OJ, but otherwise followed it exactly. It settle my stomach, tasted good, and most importantly stayed down. I don't know how this compares to commercial electrolyte replenishers as far as the amount of ions, etc, but it does seem to work as well, and definitely saves money. I'll wouldn't hesitate to mix up a batch of this for my children when they need it, too. Thanks!

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HollyLQuinn February 21, 2008

WOW! I went shopping after reading a thread in the forums about needs for a new baby, and was appalled at the price of Pedialyte. What a ripoff! I then searched, found this recipe and a couple of others and decided to try them. I came up with a totally easy way to prepare this, by taking a half-liter bottle of Crystal Geyser (or other spring water,) warming it in the Microwave for 20 seconds or so, adding 1/8 teaspoon each salt and baking soda,then just i/2 T sugar and 2 T OJ or Lemon juice. You might have to discard, or drain if you are thrifty, a tiny bit of the water first to have room to mix in the bottle, but it works for me! I am assuming that lemon juice is approximately as healthy as orange, lol. Anyway, it tasted fine with both 7-UP and gingerale, and I will try also with diet 7UP as I really don't like the sugar. Thanks for saving us a million bucks on Gatorade!

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OhMyStars! October 24, 2004